List of 05 best Yogurt maker buying guide

best Yogurt makers

With the growing concern for leading a healthier life and taking care of what we eat, best yogurt maker have become highly sought after devices by all those who prefer to consume products made by themselves.

If you are one of these people and you are interested in buying a yogurt maker, in this article we show you a buying guide so you know what you should take into account when purchasing one of these devices.

What is a yogurt maker?

A yogurt maker is a household utensil that allows you to easily and quickly prepare homemade yogurts. The only thing you will have to do is mix it, for which you will need milk, a yogurt or ferment, and the other ingredients that you want to add.

You will have to put your recipe in the cups that it incorporates and the machine will take care of maintaining the level of heat necessary for the milk to ferment. In a few hours you will have your yogurt ready.

The best yogurt makers of 2020

The following products have been selected as the best of the moment. You may find your ideal model among them.

The best value for money

With this machine you can prepare 100% natural, fresh and healthy yogurts from the comfort of your home. It is very easy to operate thanks to the control panel and the built-in timer. In addition, it includes 8 ceramic glasses of 125 ml each, which can be put in the refrigerator directly.

The best high-end model

Enjoy delicious homemade yogurt with this compact machine that you can easily store anywhere in the kitchen . Thanks to its electronic display, you can easily select the preparation time. In addition, it is capable of automatically stopping with an alert sound.

The best cheap model

With this model you can prepare up to 1 liter of yogurt directly in glasses suitable for each portion and ready to consume. It incorporates 7 jars with screw caps that are ideal for taking yogurt to work or school.

Comparison of the best yogurt maker

With a wide variety of models on the market, let’s see a comparative analysis with the four best yogurt makers of the moment along with their most important characteristics selected by the Lo-Mejor team .

Why buy a yogurt maker?

Nothing better than going back to those times when recipes were prepared in a homemade way and with natural ingredients, so the result was much healthier. If you prefer to create your own yogurts before consuming the commercials, a yogurt maker is the ideal machine for you to achieve it in record time.

To enjoy homemade yogurts

person lighting a yogurt maker Yogurt is a very beneficial food for the body, it is a rich source of calcium and other nutrients that are very positive for improving the functioning of the digestive system. However, commercial yogurts usually contain large amounts of sugars and other additive components, such as preservatives or colorings, which are not as beneficial.

Therefore, if you would like to make your own yogurt at home with the ingredients of your choice and without artificial flavorings, you can easily prepare it with an electric yogurt maker.

To make yogurts with natural flavors

homemade yogurt With this device you will ensure at all times that the ingredients you incorporate into your preparation are the best, healthy and natural. No added sugar, fat or additives. Therefore, if you like yogurts and you tend to consume them often, it is best to make them yourself at home, in this way, you will also save money.

Likewise, another advantage of preparing homemade yogurts is that you can add the flavors you want using natural fruits or jams also made by you, so you can give your preparation a sweet taste in the healthiest way and much cheaper than those that shopping in the store.

To choose the ingredients for yogurts

homemade yogurts On the other hand, if a member of your family is lactose intolerant, you can prepare customized yogurts that are suitable for them. Instead of using whole milk, you can use it without lactose or soy, you decide!

On the other hand, you don’t have to add sugar to your yogurts to counteract its sour taste. To make them 100% healthy, you can use other natural sweeteners when consuming them.

For the pleasure of making yogurts yourself

Making a yogurt at home is very simple, not to mention that you will get a much richer flavor and the result will be healthier than those that are manufactured in an industrial way. But nothing better than being able to have the satisfaction of doing it yourself or yourself at home. With time and experience, you will be able to improve your technique and make increasingly delicious and addictive yogurts.

yogurt maker and yogurts

The best yogurt makers on sale today

Have you decided to buy one of these devices? These are the best promotions you can find on Amazon today, so you can get the cheapest yogurt maker:

How to choose a best yogurt maker?

Do not go for the cheapest product without first stopping to assess its characteristics. Below, you will find a buying guide so that you know what aspects you should take into account when getting one of these devices.

His capacity

large capacity yogurt maker There are models on the market that have individual cups and some that prepare the yogurt in a special tank, as is the case with the Ariete 621 yogurt maker.

The jar ones usually include between 6 and 14 glasses with their respective lids to start preparing yogurt as soon as you have it at home. The result is the same in both models. However, the jar ones are very convenient to use, since you can consume them directly in the container.

It is important that you be clear about how many members you are in the family and how many of them consume yogurt to know what size will be appropriate. If you have a large family, it is best to choose a larger capacity. These devices will allow you to make from 1 liter of yogurt and the jars that they incorporate are usually approximately 150 ml.

Their temperature

To prepare yogurt properly, the temperature should never exceed 45 ° C. Otherwise, the bacteria necessary for the fermentation of the yogurt would die. For this reason and to avoid setbacks of this style, some models that are marketed on the market have thermostats that allow the temperature to be regulated between 20 and 55 ° C.

Your materials

modern yogurt maker It is very important that the chosen model has quality materials that are resistant and easy to clean. Since the jars are reusable, they should be made of glass. Plastic ones can retain odors and are not as hygienic. Of course, you will have to be careful when handling the glass as they can break.

In the case of buying a yogurt maker with a liter tank, make sure it is made of high quality plastic and that it is suitable for food use. We don’t want to have problems later.

Its functionalities

yogurt maker and yogurts With this appliance, in addition to making yogurts of various types and flavors, this appliance also allows you to prepare other delicious foods or dishes.

On the one hand, you can find frozen yogurt makers (without having to buy refrigerators ) and also models that allow you to prepare fresh cheese, such as the best-selling model of the Seb brand.

These models are very versatile and highly valued today. In addition, frozen yogurt makers are very suitable, above all, to be able to enjoy frozen yogurt in summer, as well as homemade.

The best yogurt maker sales of the year

Still not sure which model to choose? Take a look at the best sellers for October in the table below:


How much is a yogurt maker worth?

yogurt maker in the kitchen When buying one of these devices, there is a great variety of prices depending on the capacity, manufacturing material and functions that each model incorporates.

The simplest machines usually cost around 30 euros. For example, the best model of the Orbegozo brand is a very basic device that has 7 jars and only costs around 22 euros.

Other models with good value for money are between 30 and 50 euros. They are usually somewhat more advanced devices that incorporate a timer and thermostat and are made with high quality materials.

The Severin yogurt maker is practical and compact, and has 14 150 ml jars to prepare delicious homemade yogurt for breakfast or for school. It can be purchased through Amazon for about 34 euros.

There are also slightly more expensive yogurt makers that are close to 100 euros, as is the case with the Ufesa model that has a capacity of 1.4 liters and its price on Amazon is 80 euros.

The advice that we give you is that you opt for models with sufficient capacity according to the number of members of your family. Do not forget to consult the opinion and experience of other consumers before opting for one product or another.

How to use a yogurt maker?

yogurt maker The yogurt maker is a very easy to use device, since it does not incorporate a large number of buttons and features like other appliances that can be difficult to understand.

To make your own homemade yogurt, you first have to prepare the mixture. The ingredients that make up the base of your yogurt will depend on your personal requirements and tastes. The normal thing is that they are composed of: milk and ferment. Many people also add a small percentage of powdered milk to achieve a thicker texture.

The ferment used is usually a commercial yogurt with a natural flavor, without added sugar or colorings. If you want, you can incorporate other ingredients that can be fruits, chocolate, vanilla, etc. or do it at the time of consumption.

Therefore, to begin the mixture, the first thing is to make sure that the milk you are going to use is at room temperature. Next, you will have to add the natural yogurt that you have bought and mix it well. Also add the powdered milk if you wish.

Once you have the mixture prepared, proceed to fill the jars and place them in the yogurt maker, but without putting the individual lid on them. Then, close the yogurt maker and turn it on to start working. The process usually takes about 8 hours. When the time is up, let the jars cool before covering them and putting them in the fridge. After a couple more hours they will be ready to consume.

To clean this machine the process is very simple. However, it is important that you pay special attention and care to cleaning the individual cups, as they are not disposable and you will have to reuse them. In general, they can be washed in the dishwasher without problem, but first you will have to consult the instruction manual in case there are any recommendations in this regard.

How long does a yogurt maker take to make yogurt?

The time that this appliance takes will depend on the model and the type of best yogurt makers. However, the minimum it usually takes is 6 hours. Even so, the average time it usually takes for most models to have the yogurts is between 8 and 12 hours.



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