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Top 7 Best Stainless Steel Microwave

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Household appliances have been changing over time, adapting to the needs of users, therefore, best stainless steel microwave is now possible to find a wide variety of different brands and models, making that, when buying the best stainless steel microwave the choice more difficult. Luckily, here we are going to analyze 7 models so that you can make a good purchase.

Best Stainless Steel Microwave

Unlike microwaves made of other materials, those made of stainless steel stand out for their resistance and ease of cleaning, that is why many users prefer them and, if you are considering buying one, it would be good for you to take a look at these 7 best stainless steel microwave that we have compiled in the Top.

In addition, so that you can know what is best for you when buying a stainless steel microwave, we leave you a guide with all the key points that you should take into account.

Comparison between the Best Selling stainless steel Microwaves on the Market

Which Stainless Steel Microwave Should I Buy ?

Finding the right microwave for your kitchen is something that requires a little effort and since it is an indispensable appliance in the kitchen, if you make a bad choice you can be very sorry. Therefore, below, we show you the 7 microwave models with excellent quality and price ratio.

1. Samsung GE83X / XEC – Microwave with grill

The GE83X / XEC microwave is the ideal complement for your kitchen since it is quite complete and allows you to do tasks easily, so if you have a fast pace of life you will have no excuse to prepare a healthy meal in a short time.

cheap stainless steel microwave

It has a capacity of 23 liters, so you can prepare meals for at least 4 people in a single batch and as it is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to high temperatures, while its interior ceramic enamel coating can do the cleaning a much simpler task as it does not absorb odors or moisture.

As it is a microwave with grill , it has 6 power levels and a grill function so that your food is crunchy and if you don’t have much time to prepare great recipes, you can use the automatic mode where you can choose the food you want to prepare directly from your Touch panel.

It has a sleek design with a steel mirror on the front that prevents rust and grease from accumulating on the surface. So it comes as no surprise that it ranks among the best stainless steel microwaves for the home.

If you are looking for a good quality stainless microwave , cheap and with an elegant design , this model is what you need.


✅ Does not absorb odors.

✅ It has an energy saving system.

✅ 23 liter capacity.

✅ 800W power.


🚫 It’s not very tall.

🚫 It is complicated to open.

Samsung GE83X Microwave with Grill, 23 Liters Capacity, Enamel Ceramic Interior, 800W / 1200W Power, 6 Power Levels, Mirror Steel Color

2. Bosch HMT75M451 – Microwave

This Bosch HMT75M451 model stands out for its great power, it can reach 800W so you will not have to worry about your food being cold or raw. In addition, its levels can be adjusted to achieve the temperature you want.

stainless steel indoor microwave

It has a fairly modern design and although it is a little smaller it adapts very well to kitchens with little space . Its panel integrates a digital display with which you can control the time and the cooking mode choosing between 7 automatic programs or setting it manually.

The capacity of the bosch hmt75m451 microwave is 17 liters, making it a good choice for apartments with 1 or two people. And if you use a cooking mode frequently, you can program it with the memory function so you don’t have to change it every time you use it.

The materials of this bosch microwave are resistant and simple to clean, since it does not absorb odors and the grease is removed from its interior without much effort. In addition, it includes a turntable so that the heat is distributed evenly. It’s a cheap option that you can consider if you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen.


✅ Includes a defrost function.

✅ Your connection cable is long.

✅ It has 7 automatic programs.

✅ Its price is low.


🚫 It takes a while to heat up.

🚫 The functions are not identified.

Bosch HMT75M451 - Microwave, 1270 W, 230V, 50Hz, Stainless steel, 29 x 46 x 35 cm

3. Severin MW 7849 Microwave 2 in 1

Severin MW 7849 is a stainless steel microwave so complete that you cannot miss it, it is ideal for students or people who do not have much experience in the kitchen, since it works intuitively and is easy to use.

digital stainless steel microwave

It has a capacity of 22 liters, so it is quite spacious and has a turntable that allows food to cook evenly, so you will not have to suffer because it is cold or raw. For its part, its 2-in-1 function makes it act as a microwave and grill .

It includes 9 power levels and a timer , so you can cook all kinds of food, defrost and grill meats to make them just the way you like them. Since it is made of stainless steel, it resists high temperatures and is easy to clean, so if a spill occurs inside you will not have to spend hours trying to remove the remains of food.

Although it is quite large, it weighs almost nothing so that you can place it on a piece of furniture or on the table without problems. It’s powerful, stylish, and costs no more than € 120. So it is a stainless steel indoor microwave that is worth purchasing.


✅ Includes two racks with different heights.

✅ It is silent.

✅ It has two functions in 1.

✅ Its power is high.


🚫 The controls are analog.

🚫 The numbers are small.

4. Teka MWE 230 G Microwave with grill

If you want a microwave with which you can cook your meals in a short time without sacrificing flavor, then you should try Teka MWE 230 G , since it has a power of 800 W that allows you to prepare your favorite dishes in a short time.

microwave in stainless steel

Its design is quite simple, on its panel it has buttons to set the time and cooking mode and a rotary knob with which you can regulate the temperature to suit your needs. And if you need to remember a function that you use frequently, you can do it thanks to its memory so you don’t have to manually dial it.

This teak microwave can be used to defrost, cook, heat and even grill and grill, as it incorporates a grill function that can do wonders with meat, so you won’t have to turn on the stove or complicate your life ever again. Also, if you have children at home and you are concerned about their safety, you can rest easy as this microwave comes with a safety lock.

You can cook food by weight or with one of its programmed modes, the teka mwe 230 g stainless steel microwave grill is one of the best stainless steel microwaves since it is easy to clean and quite spacious . Do you need anything else? This model has it all!


✅ It works simply.

✅ Includes light inside.

✅ Easy to clean.

✅ Good price.


🚫 It’s a bit noisy.

🚫 The light stays on with the door open.

Teka MWE 230 G Microwave with grill, 1250 W, 23 liters, Steel

5. Daewoo KOG-A8B5R Microwave

KOG-A8B5R stands out for being a fairly complete, it works both as a microwave and a Grill, so you can heat your meals or cook special recipes without having to turn on the traditional kitchen.

stainless steel microwave

It has a capacity of 23 liters, so it is quite spacious and includes a grill rack and a turntable that will make your meals much easier. Its power is 800W and it can be regulated in 5 levels, enough for heating, cooking and roasting, while the grill can reach 1050W.

If you forget to defrost the meats before starting to cook, you no longer have to wait hours, because you can also defrost by weight and type of food making the process much easier. Since its door is black, it has a translucent effect so you can see how it works inside.

Unlike many other powerful microwaves, this daewoo microwave includes an energy saving system that will help you reduce costs on the bill and child lock to avoid accidents. How it is made of stainless steel is easy to clean and best of all, you can get it for less than € 100. So it is a stainless steel indoor microwave that you must buy.


✅ Energy saving system.

✅ It has a grill.

✅ Affordable price.

✅ It is spacious.


🚫 The buttons are not identified.

🚫 It’s noisy.

6. Cecotec – Microwave with Silver Grill

Although the Cecotec brand is recognized for making good robot vacuum cleaners, its Silver grill microwave is a good choice if you have a short budget and want a quality product.

20 liter stainless steel microwave

This microwave with right opening has a capacity of 20 liters , so it is not very big; however, it can reach 700W for traditional microwave functions like heating and cooking and 900W for grilling, so your meals will be well-prepared without having to strain too hard.

It works in a simple way, just turn the knobs to choose one of the 5 power levels and program the time you want it to work and voila, you will only have to wait for the beep to know that it is ready. In addition, it includes a defrost mode that can get you out of trouble when you have to make a quick dinner.

This cecotec microwave includes a turntable and a rack to place the meats on the grill, it is easy to clean, it does not take up much space and its price is not very high. If you want an elegant, functional and durable microwave, this is the one since it is one of the best cheap stainless steel microwaves you can get for your home.


✅ Elegant design.

✅ Includes grill.

✅ Affordable price.

✅ Easy to use.


🚫 It may be small.

🚫 The numbers are very small.

7. Samsung Mc28M6055CS / EC – Microwave oven with grill

The Mc28M6055CS / EC is the largest on the list and also the most expensive, but its features make it worth every euro. It has a 28-liter capacity so you can easily cook, grill, heat, and brown large portions of food.

small stainless steel microwave

The interior of the samsung mc28m6055cs ec microwave oven is made of ceramic, so it can withstand high temperatures and prevents grease from sticking, so you don’t have to rub the walls until you are tired. It reaches 200 degrees and does not consume much power, in fact, it is A +++ certified, the highest in its class.

The power of this microwave with oven can be adjusted from 900W to 2100W to cook or defrost foods that require more effort. It works quickly because it has a technology called Hotblast, which can inject hot air so that food is as if it were being fried without using oil, so if you like to take care of your health, this microwave can help you.

Finally, although its door is black, the samsung mc28m6055cs ec has a transparent window through which you can see how food is cooking. It is a microwave with superior characteristics and therefore, its price is somewhat high, you can find it for a little less than € 180.


✅ Large capacity.

✅ Higher power.

✅ Includes slimfry technology.

✅ Energy saving.


🚫 High price.

🚫 The button stickers are in English.

Samsung Mc28M6055CS / EC - Microwave oven with grill, 900W / 1500W / 2100W, 28 liters, ceramic interior, EasyView window and oven function up to 200º C, 51.7 x 31 x 46.3 cm

Important factors for choosing a best stainless steel microwave

If you do not want to feel that you are throwing your money away or complicate your life looking at both models in order to find the right one, this guide can help you, since it includes all the characteristics that a best stainless steel microwave should have and that you you must take into account when making the purchase.

If you are still not convinced, another option that may interest you is one of the best convection microwaves or the Orbegozo microwave.

✏️ Size

It is an important point and not only when choosing a microwave, but in all appliances, since you must consider the space available in your house so that it fits correctly. In addition, it is also important to have the number of people who are going to use it present , large families, logically a large microwave is better for them, but if you live alone in a small apartment, there is no reason to buy a large model.

✏️ Capacity

In the case of microwaves, the capacity is measured in liters and these can vary between 15 to 40 liters depending on the needs of each person. Those with less than 20 liters are ideal for small families or couples, while, for large families, the best are those of 25 or 30 liters as they allow you to introduce a greater quantity of food in a single batch.

Keep in mind that the higher the capacity of the microwave, the higher its value.

✏️ Power

It is measured in watts and it depends on how fast you can heat or defrost food. Obviously the more power it has, the more efficient the microwave will be.

In this case it is good that you consider the use that you will give it, if it is occasional to heat or if you want to defrost, prepare meats, pizzas and other recipes, if that is the case, you will need more power. Generally for basic use it is 800W and for advanced use it is over 1000W.

✏️ Energy saving

If we talk about an appliance that is going to be connected to the power outlet, we clearly have to worry about the amount of energy it consumes. If you do not want to overpay the bills each month, then before buying make sure that the label indicates the amount of consumption you have.

This is measured from G to A, the latter being the most convenient to save energy. So we recommend that you go for an A + rating at least.

✏️ Additional functions

Advanced microwaves usually have complementary functions, they can be of great help in the kitchen, although they are not essential , there are occasions where they are worth having them, such as:

  • Safety lock: If you have children at home, this is something you should seriously consider, as it could help you avoid accidents.
  • Turntable disconnection: It is not very common, but it is quite useful, especially when you want to use the total surface of the oven.
  • ECO function: In addition to saving energy, this function allows the appliance to turn off automatically if it is not being used.
  • Grill: Nowadays it is very common in the microwaves and allows to gratin, roast and cook meats as if it were a barbecue .
  • Light: It may seem insignificant, but it suits you when you want to see how the oven works inside.
  • Sound: It can be a bit annoying for some people; however, it is a good way to know when you have finished cooking your food.

These functions can be a great advantage, but as you can imagine, they come at a cost and it is not always low. So, if what you want is a basic microwave, make sure it has a temperature, time and power regulator, cooking modes and heat resistance.

⁉ Frequently asked questions FAQ

🔐 Is it safe to use a stainless steel microwave?

Yes it is safe. Regardless of the manufacturing material, current microwaves have a protection system to avoid accidents due to overheating or electric shock; However, the ideal is that when using it you take some measures like these:

  • Put your microwave in a ventilated place.
  • Do not introduce aluminum, metal or similar containers.
  • Don’t do it with nothing inside.
  • Avoid forcing it.


Throughout the article we show you the best stainless steel microwave on the market and their most outstanding characteristics, the keys that you should consider when choosing a model and the most common questions so that you do not have any doubts.

Now, it’s your time to choose, remember that the best stainless steel microwave will be the one that can meet your needs , so make a list with your priorities, look at your budget and buy the microwave that you like the most.

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