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To enjoy a best salad spinner , an important point is to wash the leaves. Well, we must get rid of any remaining dirt or pesticides before consuming them. If you wash the leaves simply by placing them in a wringer, it will not be possible to remove all of the water.

This can make the lettuce look mushy or taste less than expected. In this article, we will explain all the points that you should value when buying a salad spinner.

The salad spinner

The best salad spinner or spinner is a device used to remove water and excess moisture that remain on the leaves of lettuce, spinach, herbs and other vegetables after washing.

Draining the leaves that we are going to use to prepare a salad well is essential, otherwise the excess water will affect its flavor and appearance. Here are some of the best-selling models to help you choose better.

The best salad spinner

The following have been selected as the best models on the market. Don’t miss them!

The best value for money

High quality stainless steel lettuce centrifuge, very easy to use and with a capacity of 3.25 liters. This appliance will become essential in your kitchen , if you like to enjoy good salads. Includes drip strainer and bowl with lid.

The best high-end model

With this device you can easily clean and dry the lettuce leaves with the push of a lever. Also, when you press the brake button, the centrifuge stops instantly. Its container made of BPA-free plastic can also be used as a salad bowl.

The best cheap model

With this large centrifuge with a capacity of 5 liters you can drain more amount of lettuce or vegetables efficiently. It is made of plastic materials safe for your health and the environment. Enjoy fresh vegetables at any time at the best price.

Comparison of best salad spinner

Since you will find a wide variety of models on the market, take a look at this comparative analysis with the four best spinner of the moment and their most important characteristics. Do not miss them, there is one in each price range, to fit any type of budget!

Why choose a salad spinner

If you want to prepare a delicious salad, one of the biggest factors to achieve this is to avoid that the water stays between the leaves. Today, we have simple and inexpensive gadgets that can help us in this purpose.

To eat salads always clean

salad spinner on the stack Lettuce or spinach leaves (also those that come in bags supposedly pre-washed) should be cleaned at home very well before consumption. This is so, because they contain remains of earth, mud, pesticides and, many times, even insects among their leaves.

Bacteria can be trapped in the nooks and crannies of the leaves and can make us sick. Therefore, it is very important that you wash the lettuce well before consuming it. You can also use a little food-safe sanitizer bleach.

To save time when preparing salads

salad spinner with lettuce If after washing the lettuce, you usually put it in a strainer to drain all the water, it will take much longer than if you do it with a centrifuge. Also, the result will not be so good either.

These devices rotate at high speed to drain every last drop of water, regardless of the rotation system you use. However, speed is highly dependent on how hard you put into turning the crank. If you opt for an automatic device, its battery will do all the work for you, and much faster.

To eat always fresh vegetables

salad Salads are a very versatile dish. A wide variety of foods and dressings can be added, depending on the consumer’s personal tastes.

In addition, they are very nutritious recipes full of vitamins and minerals. As if that were not enough, they are options that can be consumed alone as a main dish or as a garnish to another meat, fish or vegetable dish. The options are more than endless!

However, when you wash the vegetables and do not drain them completely, the leaves can be watery and tasteless. When we drain the lettuces well, which are usually the base of any salad, they have a better appearance, which makes them more appetizing. The leaves are more crisp and with a more vivid color.

salad and food centrifuge

best Salad spinner on sale today

Are you looking for a centrifuge for lettuce or vegetables in general? Take advantage of the latest Amazon offers and get it at the best price from the options in the following table.

How to choose a salad spinner?

Many times we go for the first model we see, without stopping to assess the different characteristics it presents. In the following buying guide you will find all the aspects that you must take into account at the time of purchase.

Its rotation mechanism

red salad spinner When purchasing one of these devices, one of the aspects that you will have to assess is the rotation mechanism it uses. The most used system in most models is the crank. As you turn the crank, the basket will rotate, and the speed at which it does so will depend on how fast you move it.

In other devices, it is activated by pulling a cord, as is the case with the Metaltex model, which you can buy through Amazon for only € 17. Some of the more expensive models have a motor and the rotational speed can be programmed, so it will be much more comfortable for you. In other devices, the rotation system is activated by operating a lever that moves from one side to the other.

Your material

transparent salad spinner There are different materials that are used in the manufacture of salad spinners. This aspect will be one of the ones that most affects your final price. The stainless steel models offer great quality and durability to the product.

Devices made of resistant BPA-free plastic are also very common. These models are usually cheaper, but have the disadvantage of being less solid than the previous ones and, if it falls to the ground by accident, it can break. If you opt for one made of glass or methacrylate you will have the same problem, but they are very suitable for storing food in the fridge . As you can see, the options are varied, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Its size

covered salad spinner There are models of different dimensions that can be better adapted to the needs of each family and are usually around 3 or 5 liters, with 19 or 20 cm in diameter. Take into account the number of people and the frequency with which you eat salad at home when purchasing one of these utensils.

If you have a large family, you may be interested in purchasing a larger size so that you can spin more lettuce at once and save time. Centrifuges used in hospitality are considerably larger. They usually go from 12 liters to 25 liters, in some cases.

Its functionalities

metal salad spinner Something very useful that some models incorporate are the brake buttons that allow the lid to be opened safely and without having to wait for the basket to stop rotating by itself.

Other very suitable accessories, especially to guarantee the safety of the device, are the non-slip rubber bases, which prevent the bowl from moving while we turn the crank.

The multifunction devices are very useful, as we can use the basket as a drainer for pasta, vegetables or any other food. The container where the water falls is also used as a bowl or salad bowl and, together with the lid, the food that we add can be better preserved.

The different salad spinners

Today different types of centrifuges are marketed. However, broadly speaking, we can differentiate two classes:

Manual model

manual salad spinner On the one hand, we can find the manual models, like the one in the image.

As we have mentioned before, these devices incorporate a rotation system that you or yourself will have to actuate so that the movement of the basket occurs and the water falls into the other container.

It’s not a complicated move or process, so this model isn’t much worse than the next.

Electric model

electric salad spinner On the other hand, the electric models work with a small rechargeable battery or connected to the electric current.

In this way, its engine turns automatically and you will not have to make any effort.

With the push of a button, the basket will start spinning. In addition, in some models you can program the speed at which you want it to do so, for greater speed and comfort of use.

When deciding the best model for your home, we recommend that you opt for a device that offers ease of use and cleaning. That is, it must be easily disassembled to be able to wash it well. On the other hand, the rotation system must be comfortable and ergonomic. Do not forget to check the opinions of other buyers, as this is the best way to get an objective opinion of any product.

Top Selling best Salad spinner

If you are still not clear about it and doubt between several models of this kitchen accessory, take a look at the list with the best-selling models of 2020:

How much is a salad spinner worth? Salad centrifuges are not usually very expensive devices, but as always, it all depends on the quality of their materials and the brand.

One of the best-selling models is the Kitchen Craft, which is 19 cm in diameter and made of transparent acrylic material. It can be purchased on Amazon for about € 18.

The Oxo Good Grips model with a capacity of 4.2 liters costs around € 28 and is also one of the best valued devices for its simple and compact design. On the other hand, the Lacor model, made of stainless steel, in addition to being a model with good quality and design, is a multipurpose device, since it allows the container to be used as a salad bowl. It can be found on Amazon for around € 64.

If you are looking for a large capacity centrifuge for professional use, the price will rise considerably more. One of the most used models in these cases is the 20-liter Dynamic Nutrition that costs close to € 217.

How to use a salad spinner?

small red salad spinner The use of this appliance varies depending on the model, especially if it is manual or electric. However, in either case, it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use instrument.

This device has a larger container that is where the water will fall and a basket where the lettuce or the food that you want to drain is placed. The first step will be to wash these leaves well and place them in the basket of the centrifuge. Make sure that you respect the maximum recommended capacity so that the blades are not tight and can be damaged by movement.

Then put the lid on properly and pull the lever or turn the handle to get the basket moving. You can stop the machine with the stop button that some models incorporate, when you consider that the vegetables are well drained. Once you’re done, remove the basket from the bowl and dump the remaining water in the bowl. If you are not going to consume the lettuce at the moment, it is better to leave it in the bowl covered with water, so that it stays fresh for longer.

spinner or wringer?

When you have this dilemma, we always recommend choosing the best salad centrifuge. To begin with, the vast majority of models already include a colander or strainer , since the part inside the centrifuge is. In addition, this will offer you more advantages than a simple kitchen drainer.


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