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best raclette

The best raclette is an instrument that has crossed borders from Switzerland to reach our homes and make us live good times surrounded by loved ones.

If you want to know more about this device and what to take into account when purchasing one, don’t miss this buying guide.

What is a best raclette?

The raclette is an electric griddle with a lower space for small pans where the typical preparation of the Canton of Valais (Switzerland), which has the same name, is placed.

The typical foods involved are potatoes, sausages, pickles and raclette cheese. It is a way of eating with friends or family, with which we will have a good time while we eat in a healthier way.

The best raclettes of 2020

If you are interested in this device, pay attention to the best rated models on Amazon:

The best value for money

This raclette and fondue model offers endless possibilities for grill lovers. Under its 1100 W griddle with continuous thermal regulator we find 8 mini-pans perfect for grilling vegetables and meats, gratin or melting cheese. It allows you to prepare meat, fish and vegetables without adding fats or oils, so that your dishes are lighter and healthier.

The best high-end model

It is a multifunction raclette grill with a large stone. It is ideal for grilling without extra fat thanks to its natural stone that keeps the heat. It allows to regulate the temperature thanks to its adjustable thermostat.

The best cheap model

This model has a double natural stone surface and a steel and charcoal grill. It is perfect for preparing meat, vegetables, fish, cheese and side dishes for 8 people. Includes 8 individual mini pans and 8 wooden spatulas. In addition, thanks to its removable grill plates it can be easily cleaned.

Comparison of the best raclettes

Choose the device with the best value for money in this comparison of the four best models of the moment and their most important characteristics exposed.

Why buy a raclette?

The raclette is a household appliance that has gained a lot of fame in recent times. And it is not for less, since it is able to gather family and friends around this iron to enjoy an incomparable moment.

Because of its ease of cleaning and use

food-packed raclette With this iron, cleaning after a dinner with friends will be much easier and faster than with other common appliances.

Therefore, it is a good idea for those occasions when you have guests and at the end of the night you have to wash a lot of dishes.

In addition to being a very easy-to-use gadget, it also has removable parts for much faster and easier washing. It is suitable for the dishwasher and all its parts include non-stick coating so that it does not cost you to remove the remains of food.

To enjoy varied dishes

food and raclette The origin of this appliance is based on the meetings that Swiss shepherds used to have to eat. Around a bonfire, they melted the cheese with the heat of the fire and roasted the potatoes.

Then the melted cheese was scraped over the potatoes and sausages (Do you drool like us?). For this reason, the cheese and the way of cooking is called raclette, as it comes from the French verb racler, which literally means to scrape.

You already know what are the typical foods that Swiss shepherds used. However, you can prepare any dish in this utensil, as it is very versatile. You can adapt it to your tastes or prepare individual servings with the preferences of each participant.

In the same way, you can serve vegetarian raclettes, make various combinations or use it alone for the accompaniments of your dinner.

To have a different way of cooking

When you have guests at home, you spend hours in the kitchen preparing everything to offer your friends the best. But how about you cook everyone right at the table?

With this iron you will experience a new way of cooking and of living the meetings between family or friends. You will be able to enjoy their company more, since each one will take care of their portion, while you share a warm conversation.

raclette with food

The raclette promotions of the moment

Still don’t know which model to choose? Before taking the plunge, compare between the raclettes on sale today on this list with several options:

How to choose a raclette?

Do you know what are the parameters that you should take into account when buying a raclette? Wait and we’ll show you:

His capacity

raclette in two parts This is the main aspect that you should take into account at the time of purchase. How many friends do you meet at dinners? Each raclette has been designed for a specific number of people. The size of the griddle varies and the number of mini pans and spatulas also.

In the market you will find models that range from 2 to 10 people. Therefore, you must decide what is the main use you are going to give it: if you plan to use it at family dinners or with your partner. Of course, this question will be the first to determine the final price of the item, although you may be interested in a larger raclette, in case you have unexpected visits.

Its potency

modern raclette Another important aspect is power, which is also related to capacity. The larger the size, the more watts the iron will need to work effectively. The power brings heat to the resistance and influences the speed of the preparation.

In the market you will find different models with powers that range between 500 and 1500 W. If you do not want to wait and the food takes too long to cook, it is better that you opt for a higher power, especially if the size you have chosen is large .

Your type of iron

plates from a raclette The types of iron that you can find also vary. Many are usually made of metal coated with a non-stick surface. There are also those made of very hard natural stone that offer perfect cooking of food.

Other models have a mixed surface, even reversible. On the one hand, they allow you to grill on a stone, and on the other hand, cook on the grill. Whatever the chosen material, the ideal is that they are resistant and of quality, that the stone guarantees a long durability and that they offer facilities for cleaning. If possible, always opt for removable models.

Their temperature

accessories of a raclette Most of these utensils have a thermoregulator to comfortably adjust the cooking temperature. In addition to a security system to disconnect the appliance automatically when it is not being used.

If we have chosen a device with higher power, the food will cook faster, since it will reach high temperatures in much less time than if it had less power.

The different models of raclette

Next, we explain the different models that you can find, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your portfolio:

Traditional model

cheese raclette The traditional raclette is a device used to melt typical Swiss cheese. Therefore, this model does not incorporate the modern plates on the top for grilling the food that we have seen in this article.

The cheese is cut in half and placed on a support, while an elongated electric heat source melts it and then scrapes it on the food you want and is covered by a tasty layer of cheese.

Multifunction model

multifunction raclette These models have a plate or stone on top to cook a great variety of foods on the table: meat, fish, vegetables, seafood…. whatever you want.

In addition, the stone does not require that you add oil to prepare the food if you do not want, so it allows you to cook in a less caloric way, so to speak. Although a splash of extra virgin olive oil is always welcome.

Since you are acquiring a product that works with food that you are going to consume, it is convenient that the material with which it is made is of the best possible food quality. Our advice is that you pay attention to the size of the plate and take into account the number of diners so that you do not fall short with a smaller model.

Best Raclette Sales of the Year

The following are the best-selling models of the moment on the market. Take note of the one that catches your attention the most to be able to check its functionalities!

How much does a raclette cost?

raclette and food on the table The price of these plates usually varies a lot and depends mainly on the size, although they are not usually very expensive. Some cheaper models do not reach 20 euros and the most expensive are usually around 80 euros.

For example, a very inexpensive model, ideal for groups of 4 people is Tristar. The best thing about this device is its compact size and light weight that make it ideal to move anywhere. It can be purchased on Amazon for less than 22 euros.

However, if you plan to hold larger meetings, we recommend the Severin brand model with natural stone and 1400 W of power, which is designed for 8 people. Its current price is around 53 euros.

On the other hand, the Princess Stone & Grill Party model is also suitable for 8 people, as it has a large surface and includes 8 pans and spatulas. This model combines the stone grill and the iron, and its price is about 46 euros.

How to prepare a raclette?

If you are thinking of inviting your friends to your home to enjoy a typical raclette, you will need: potatoes, cold cuts, Serrano ham, typical cheese, pickles, etc. You should prepare all food well before serving it to the table.

Clean the potatoes, cut them and cook them before turning on the iron. On the other hand, cut the cheese into individual slices. Then, in each mini pan, a slice of cheese will be placed to melt.

If you are going to cook meat, you can let it marinate so that it acquires a delicious and different flavor. Once you have all the ingredients ready, you can gather your companions at the table and light the raclette. It is usual for this preparation to be accompanied with wine. Enjoy your meal!

How to clean a raclette?

raclette with meat and cheese Like any other appliance in your kitchen, it is important to properly maintain your raclette to prolong its durability. To do this, you must not forget to clean it well after each use.

This process is very simple, since almost all the parts that make up this special grill are removable. The ideal is to wash it after each use, without giving food scraps time to dry out, so that later they are not so difficult to remove.

Of course, the first thing you should do is disconnect the machine from the electricity and let it cool down. Then you can safely disassemble it without fear of burning yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher at home, you can fit all the pieces without problem. If not, you can wash them by hand with a non-abrasive detergent.

Be careful when cleaning the stone. Use a damp cloth to avoid damaging the surface, and then rinse well. Lastly, let it dry completely before storing it again.

What cheese to use for a raclette?

for the best raclette although there is the taste factor, the ideal cheese for this preparation is Swiss (bagnes, orsière or goms), as well as gouda, buttery, mozzarella, camembert or gorgonzola. What you have to keep in mind is that the cheese has a high fat content so that it melts well (50%).


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