The best pots or pans of the year

best pots or pans

if you are looking for the best pots or pans to cook your best dishes, in this article we present a comparative guide with the best valued models in the market, so that you can compare prices and characteristics and get the one that best suits your needs. needs.

The best pots or pans

The best pots or pans are kitchen utensils that are used to cook or cook food inside. The pot is taller than the saucepan, but both are usually made of clay or metal materials and are coated inside with some non-stick material.

Over time, this coating can be lost, so it is advisable to choose quality models that guarantee a long useful life. This way, your preparations will not stick to the bottom of the container.

The best pots or pans of the year

With the number of offers we are presented with, it can be difficult to decide on a specific model. To help you in your choice we have selected the three best of 2019:

The best value for money

Large capacity pot with lid, ideal for preparing food for the whole family, especially suitable for cooking large quantities such as stews, soups, stews. It is made of high quality 18/10 bright stainless steel, compatible with all hobs, including induction. It is suitable for the dishwasher, resistant and does not alter the taste of food.

The best high-end model

This tall saucepan with a glass lid and removable handles has a diameter of 24 cm and is coated with non-stick Teflon Platinum Plus. Its thicker bottom is very suitable for optimally diffusing heat. In addition, it is suitable for the dishwasher and for induction hobs.

The best cheap model

This model is made of high energy performance vitrified enameled steel with a two-layer non-stick coating. It incorporates ergonomic handles for a more secure hold. In addition, it can be used in gas, electric, glass ceramic and induction cookers, and is suitable for the dishwasher .

Comparison of the best pots of the moment

Pay attention to the following comparative analysis with the four best models of the moment and get yours. We have compiled the most important features to make your choice easier:

Why buy a quality casserole?

If you want your recipes not to lose a bit of their flavor, while taking care of your diet, this utensil will become essential in your kitchen. The saucepans are part of the kitchen of any home. But yes, always choose quality models that do not alter your preparation and that are safe for your health.

To cook safely

pot on the gas stove The culinary arts also carry some risks. Cutting vegetables with a large onion knife can be dangerous, but so is cooking any of your recipes with fire.

When we place the pot over a heat source for a long time, the entire exterior part and the handles will also be at high temperature, as the heat is transmitted almost evenly over the entire surface.

For this reason, many of the pots or pans have silicone handles that fit perfectly into the handles and protect you from possible burns. So you can handle the container safely and avoiding accidents.

To save time in the kitchen

It is also very important that the pot has a uniform diffuser bottom so that the heat reaches every corner equally and that the food cooks much faster and well. In addition to saving time in the kitchen, we will save energy resources, since we do not need to have the gas cooker or the glass ceramic on for so long to cook with this type of accessories.

pot and food

To clean it more easily

clean a pot The quality utensils also greatly facilitate cleaning, most models are dishwasher safe, so you can wash them without problems. On the other hand, it is very difficult for food to stick to the bottom of a new pot.

However, in the event that this happens, a trick to easily remove burned food from the bottom is to fill the saucepan to the top with water and add a splash of white vinegar and bring it to a boil for 15 minutes. Then, you just have to wash it with soap and water as you would normally and you will have the saucepan as new.

The pot promotions of the moment

Looking for a cheap pot? Enter to see the models on sale today from among those on this list and get yours at the best price:

How to choose a saucepan?

We have prepared a buying guide so you know what to choose when buying a quality casserole. Do not miss it!

Your material

big pot Some materials such as cast aluminum are increasingly used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, as they offer greater hardness and resistance, while better distributing the heat throughout the pot and keeping it for longer. Therefore, they are ideal for saving energy and reducing cooking time.

On the other hand, stainless steel is another widely used material, as it is one of the most hygienic and healthy of those marketed today. As well as being highly resistant to shocks and high temperatures, it can be easily washed to ensure greater durability.

Cast iron pots are somewhat heavier, but they are also very sturdy. They can be somewhat more prone to oxidation if they are not given the necessary care. You may also need to cure it before first use.

Another good option is ceramic pans that are coated with a toxic-free glaze. Although they can be less resistant to shocks than iron or aluminum. Copper is also living a new life in recent years. The advantages of copper pots are many, but the main one is that it is a great conductor of heat.

Its coating

black pot On the other hand, to ensure that the food you cook inside does not stick, a quality pot should have several layers of non-stick coating. The material may be different depending on the model. Ideally, it should be durable and not easily damaged over time.

Do not forget that it is very important that the material that makes up the coating is safe, since it is the part that will be in direct contact with the food. Make sure it is free of PFOA and any other toxic components.

Its size

metal pot When choosing a pot or saucepan, you will have to assess the amount of food that you usually cook and how many members you are in the family. The capacity of a saucepan or pot is measured in liters and depends mainly on its diameter and depth.

As we have commented before, the pots are usually higher and the pans are lower, but with a larger diameter. In general, a 3-liter pot will be the right size for a small family with two or three members.

According to the heat source

Finally, if you have an induction cooker or you plan to buy one in the future, you will also have to make sure that the chosen model is made with ferromagnetic materials or that they contain them in their base. Otherwise, you will need to purchase an adapter for the pot to work on these types of hobs. Check well the characteristics of the model you have in mind and verify that it is compatible with your kitchen.

The different models of pots

When buying one of these utensils, you can find different types. They are as follows:

Fixed handle model

pot with fixed handles With the fixed handle casseroles you can prepare any recipe without problems. However, you may need to exercise extreme caution when handling the pot, as the handles also reach high temperatures.

Therefore, the ideal is that you use special gloves to protect yourself, or some silicone handles. In some models they are already incorporated, as is the case with the pans of the BRA brand. It is recommended that you opt for this type of handles, to facilitate the kitchen task and reduce risks.

Model with movable handles

pot with mobile controls Each saucepan has characteristics that make it unique. In the case of pots with movable handles, one of the greatest advantages it presents is its ease of cleaning and storage, since you can put one inside the other without the handle preventing it.

If you use an elongated handle, you can have greater control over the pot and move the preparation safely without fear of burning yourself. In addition, since you can remove it and put it on whenever you want, it will not get hot like the rest of the pot.

Risotto casserole

casserole for rissotto This type of saucepan has a more robust body and an oval base, the walls are lower than in conventional models and the handles it incorporates are fixed.

In addition, these models can incorporate transparent glass lids to monitor the cooking and not have to open and close each time you want to check the status of the preparation and eliminate heat with it each time.

Choosing a quality pot or saucepan is essential if you want to have a durable and reliable utensil. Therefore, we recommend that you choose your material and coating well. The advice that we give you is that, when choosing one model or another, you also value the most appropriate capacity to feed your whole family. As always, don’t forget to check the opinions of other buyers.

Best selling of pots

If you are still not sure which is the best model for you, take a look at the best sellers of 2020 in this table:

How much does a saucepan cost?

take food out of a pot Depending on the manufacturer, the material or the coating of the model, the price of a saucepan may vary. The cheapest ones can be found below 20 euros and the high-end ones for around 150 euros.

For example, the cast aluminum saucepan of the Lacor brand, with a PFOA-free non-stick interior and compatible with all types of cookers (including induction) and oven, is a small but very economical pot, since its price is only a few 8 euros.

On the other hand, the Magefesa pot from the Toscana Terracota collection is an enameled steel piece that heats up very quickly and allows cooking with medium powers without losing cooking quality. They save energy, time and money. In fact, it can be purchased on Amazon for only 16.77 euros.

The Monix Mineral casserole is a 20 cm high cooking container made of forged aluminum with a stone-like non-stick coating, PFOA-free and suitable for induction. If you are interested, its price is around 35 euros.

Finally, if you are looking for a high quality model and with the security provided by the German brand WMF, the Neutral pot is a model with a large capacity of 14 liters and about 28 cm in height, made of 18/10 stainless steel, which It costs about 80 euros.

How to clean a burned pot?

It may happen that, when preparing a stew, rice, stew or any other recipe, we get a little distracted and the food catches at the bottom of the pot. It has happened to all of us at some time. In these cases, to recover our pot effortlessly and in the shortest possible time, we can proceed as follows:

  • Fill the pot with two glasses of water and one of white vinegar, a little liquid dish detergent and put it on the fire.
  • Wait for the mixture to boil and move the bottom with a wooden spoon to remove the remains of food stuck.
  • Once you notice that there is no food left on the base, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down a bit.
  • Then, discard the remains and proceed to wash the pot. Add a little baking soda, white vinegar, and a little of your usual detergent. Rub the bottom with an aluminum scourer.
  • Finally, rinse well with water and let it dry. Never store it wet so that mold or bacteria do not form inside.

Where to buy a pot?

This kitchen accessory like best pots or pans can be purchased in many stores or supermarkets. Even so, we recommend buying it in online stores such as Amazon, where there is a great variety of models, they have good prices, there are usually many offers and they make fast and efficient shipments.



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