The best kitchen scales of the moment

best kitchen scales

The best kitchen scales is a very useful tool that cannot be missing in any home. It is mainly used to measure the exact amount of an ingredient, so our recipes will always be perfect.

It is also used to calculate the servings of each dish according to food needs. In this article we show you a comparative analysis to help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

The best kitchen scale

The best kitchen scale is an instrument used to weigh the ingredients that are going to be used in a recipe or to measure the amount of some foods.

They can be mechanical or electrical, the main difference is that the electrical one has a digital screen in which all the information will be displayed. Whether you opt for one type or another will depend on your personal needs and tastes.

The best kitchen scales of the year

With the number of offers we are presented with, it can be difficult to decide on a specific model. To help you in your choice we have selected the three best kitchen scales of 2019:

The best value for money

5kg digital kitchen scale with easy-to-read LCD display and blue backlight. It has a sleek design and is made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. In addition, it is multifunctional as it includes a temperature sensor and a timer to keep track of all your culinary creations.

The best high-end model

This multifunctional model can weigh up to 5 kg and automatically shuts off after two minutes of inactivity. Another of its most interesting functions is that it can convert different measurements and accurately measure ingredients in milliliters, ounces, pounds or grams.

The best cheap model

Kitchen scale made of resistant materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic (like many of the quality rigid suitcases ). It allows precise measurements and its LCD screen favors easy reading. On the other hand, it is the perfect size to be stored in any drawer.

Comparison of the best kitchen scales

Pay attention to the following comparative analysis with the four best kitchen scales of the moment and get yours. To make it easier for you, from the team , we have selected the most outstanding and important characteristics of each one.

Why buy a kitchen scale?

If you want to cook with greater precision and that your dishes are perfect, this device will be essential in your kitchen.

Cheap and very practical device

kitchen scale with brown sugar Today you can buy this useful tool at a very affordable price and take advantage of each of its functions; Also, eye measurements are not accurate and can make your prescription result a complete mess.

To get this utensil you will not have to sell a kidney, as many models can be purchased at a very affordable price. For example, one of the most practical and cheap devices on the market is the Beurer KS19 that you can get on Amazon for about € 14.

Indispensable for precision cooking

black digital kitchen scale Measuring the ingredients of a recipe well is essential so that we do not get surprises in the final result. This aspect is accentuated even more when we prepare pastry recipes, such as sponge cakes or any type of cake, since the quantities need to be exact.

Also, if you are following some type of diet, you may need to ration each type of food according to your nutritional needs. For these cases, the scale will become your best ally.

Does not take up space

kitchen scale with sweets Often times, the simplest and most compact appliances are the ones we use the most in the kitchen. This is because they do not have too many pieces that have to be cleaned and we can store them in any corner, so their use is not a hassle.

This is precisely what happens with kitchen scales. They take up very little space, which helps us to use them whenever we cook. In addition, the maintenance they require is minimal. Most of the models on the market can be easily cleaned by wiping their surface with a damp cloth.

small kitchen scale

Kitchen scales on sale today

Are you looking for a cheap kitchen scale but one that gives you all the functions you need? Take a look at this list to see the models on sale today and get your ideal scale at the best price:

How to choose a best kitchen scale?

We have prepared a buying guide so you know what to choose when buying a quality kitchen scale. Do not miss it!

His capacity

kitchen scale with fruit By capacity we mean the maximum weight that the scale is capable of weighing. In the vast majority of household appliances, the normal thing is that their maximum capacity does not exceed 5 kg in weight.

On the other hand, it is also important to take into account the minimum capacity that it can detect. In this sense, many models allow very precise measurements to be made and are capable of registering from 0.1 g like the Jata 773 model, although most do so from 1 g, which, for routine preparations, is sufficient.

Your tare function

kitchen scale Thanks to the tare function, we can use any container in the kitchen to weigh the ingredients without its weight affecting the total weight that will be shown on the screen.

In addition, each time we tare the scale we can add other ingredients and weigh them separately, without having to remove the item that we added before. This makes the process much easier and faster.

Its stability

kitchen scale with an apple This is one of the main factors that we must consider, since it is closely related to the precision that the device will give us when weighing the different foods that we need to weigh.

To make the scale more stable and firm, many models have a non-slip base or non-slip studs. Also, make sure that you use it on a flat and smooth surface so that it does not affect the result of your measurement.

Your weighing platform

kitchen scale with apples The platform is the surface where the ingredients are placed. The size of the weighing platform may vary depending on the model, being larger they will accept more food.

On the other hand, some devices have their own measuring container. If the model you have chosen does not include its own container, you will have to measure directly on the platform, or in a bowl that you have at home.

Also, if the base is too small, you could destabilize the scale by placing containers that are not suitable for its size. Therefore, very small scales are not recommended for culinary use as they do not offer many possibilities for weighing large quantities, unless you want to weigh spices or jewelry.

Your choices

In addition to its weight function, common to all models, in multifunctional devices we find extra contributions, such as:

  • Set other units of measure such as: ounces, pounds, milliliters.
  • Automatic shutdown after a period of inactivity.
  • Timer.
  • Battery level.
  • Ambient temperature sensor.

The different models of kitchen scales

Broadly speaking, we will have to decide between two main types of scales:

Electric scale

electric kitchen scale The electric scales are battery or battery operated and display information via an easy-to-read LCD screen. This type of scale performs its measurement automatically using sensors and is more accurate than analog models.

In addition, we can take advantage of other additional functions that these models present, such as the conversion of measurements or the calculation of calories.
Another of their advantages is that they are much smaller and more compact devices, so when they are stored they do not present any problem, since they fit in any drawer.

Mechanical scale

mechanical kitchen scale This type of analog scales are more traditional and have a numbered sphere that marks the weight of the food that we place on top with the needles. Their biggest advantage is that they do not need batteries or recharge the battery. In addition, by having a more classic design they can also serve as a decorative element in your kitchen.

However, as a drawback we can mention that this type of scales are not so accurate in measurements. Also, many times we cannot read well the exact figure that the needle marks, which can lead to confusion.

To make a good purchase, take into account factors such as precision, the size of the platform, or its stability. If you want a model that guarantees you greater durability, opt for quality materials. Although at first you have to fork out a little more money, in the long run you will appreciate it.

Best Selling Kitchen Scales

If you are still not very clear about the best model for you and your culinary needs, we recommend that you take a look at the best sellers of 2020 in this table:

How much does a kitchen scale cost?

weighing with a kitchen scale The price of this kitchen tool varies by brand, material, capacity, or precision, among other factors. However, finding a quality model at a good price will not cost you much.

Most household scales are around € 15. You can buy some models at a slightly higher price, such as the Tefal BC5000 Optiss White scale that you can find on Amazon for around € 25, or the Orbegozo PC model that costs about € 28.

But, without a doubt, you will find the highest prices in scales intended for professional use. These devices are more precise and their capacity is greater, since they are designed to weigh large quantities of food.

Nowadays it is not difficult to find a cheap scale, there are even ones that only cost around € 5. It all depends on the use you are going to give it and the functions you require. Sometimes it is better to bet on slightly more expensive models (although always within a reasonable price), which guarantee us a good operation for a longer time.

If you are wondering where you should buy a kitchen scale, we recommend that you do it on online portals such as Amazon where you will find a multitude of offers every day.

How does a kitchen scale work?

The operation of the scales is very simple and will not cause you any headache.

To start using the scale, turn it on by pressing the ON button. Then wait a bit until the display shows zero weight. Next, you will have to place the container that comes with the model on the plate or, if it does not include it, any bowl you have at home.

Afterwards, it is necessary to zero the machine again with the tare function. In this way, the scale will not take into account the weight of the bowl. On the other hand, you can also press the tare button if you are going to weigh several ingredients in the same container where you have already added others.

How to calibrate a kitchen scale?

To get good results in your recipe, it is crucial that the data that the scale gives us is accurate. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate it. When calibrating a scale, each model will be different, so it is advisable to read the instruction manual.

  • To start, place the scale on a smooth, stable surface. Then you have to turn on the machine and, depending on the model, you will have to enter a password or press the “CAL” or “MODE” button.
  • Press and hold the button until the display changes and the guide weight amount appears. Place the indicated weight on the scale and wait a few minutes.
  • To know if it is properly calibrated, look for a food that has a marked weight, such as a kilo of rice. If you mark the exact weight, you are done with the calibration process.

Where to buy a kitchen scale?

You can buy the best kitchen scales accessory in department stores with a kitchen section or in household goods stores. On the other hand, we recommend taking a look at online stores like Amazon, where they have good prices and good shipping.



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