The best juicer machine of the moment

best juicer machine

If you are looking for a best juicer machine, don’t go. In this buying guide we show you all the aspects that you should know in order to make a good choice.

The best juicer machine

The juicer is a kitchen tool designed to separate and crush the pulp of the fruit, and thus extract all its juice.

It is a product that has evolved over time, since previously only manual type models could be found on the market. However, today, there are more advanced models that are even programmable.

The Best Juicer machine of 2020

There are many different models on the market that can complicate the purchase decision. The following products have been selected as the best of the moment:

The best value for money

This juicer has a cast aluminum lever arm to extract every last drop of juice without using much force. Its innovative design is suitable for all citrus fruits, from grapefruit to limes. Thanks to its edges, it is guaranteed that half of the citrus will not slip during the process.

The best high-end model

This model has a powerful 160 W motor that offers rapid and total extraction of orange juice. It is also characterized by being compact. The motor has a double direction of rotation, which facilitates the extraction of the juice.

The best cheap model

Serve the freshly squeezed juice or smoothie directly into the glass. Thanks to its anti-drip spout we will avoid unnecessary spills. Its power of 60 W and its automatic start / stop system make it an easy-to-use juicer. In addition, all its parts are dishwasher safe and will facilitate cleaning.

Comparison of the best juicer machine

Next, we present a comparative analysis with the four best juicers of the moment and their most important characteristics to take into account when choosing one or the other:

Why buy a juicer?

The orange juice squeezer, in addition to being very practical, is an easy product to handle. You don’t have to be an expert to prepare a delicious juice. There are many reasons that justify your purchase, these are some of them:

To enjoy a freshly squeezed juice

juicer The main reason to buy a juicer is to be able to enjoy a freshly made juice, thus taking advantage of all the properties that the fruit has, the taste is more natural and the best thing is that it is full of vitamins. Leave out the processed juices that they sell in the supermarket. If you want a good juice, make it yourself or yourself.

There are different models: some have more capacity than others, are made of different materials, include a jug, and others that work directly towards the container where you want to drink the juice. It does not matter which model you choose, because with all of them you can enjoy a glass of fresh juice.

To save time on juices

juicer type juicer Imagine for a moment that when you wake up you have to make a greater effort to squeeze some delicious oranges. This can take the time that you often have counted to be able to get to work on time or get the children to school without running.

With a juice squeezer you will not have this problem because, in addition to taking advantage of all the pulp that the fruit has (it is better to drink the juice with pulp than without it) and avoid making more effort than necessary, you can save time to dedicate it to others chores.

To drink healthier juices

juicer with oranges Having a product of this type allows you to forget about the processed juices that you buy in supermarkets, usually as a way to save time in the morning. If you make them yourself, you can drink healthier juices.

Having the opportunity to squeeze the fruit and be able to enjoy a good glass of freshly squeezed natural juice allows you to take advantage of all the properties it has and that are beneficial for the body, as they contain many vitamins.

Cheap kitchen utensil

juicer and small appliances Whether manual or automatic, juicers are one of the cheapest kitchen gadgets. Its price varies depending on the technology it includes, the material with which it is manufactured and the capacity it has.

If you still have doubts, compare the benefits of this product with its price, you can have a natural fruit juice, especially oranges, whenever you want, without much effort and without wasting time. All this translates into an excellent purchase in terms of the relationship between the quality you get and the price you pay.

Best Selling Juicer

Still have not decided on one model or another? If you are looking for a quality one at the best price, these are the best sellers of the year and with the best opinions:

How to choose a juicer?

When buying a juicer there are many questions that can arise. Therefore, to choose the product that best suits your needs, it is important to answer all these questions. Let’s learn more about each of these aspects.

Power (if electric)

metal juice squeezer One of the main characteristics of electric models is power, as it will allow you to obtain a good juice. In general, the range is between 20 and 160 W. Take into account the use that you are going to give it, if you are going to use it sporadically, a 60 W can be a good option.

If you are going to prepare more quantity and you are going to use it more, we recommend that you choose models with power greater than 80 W. Also, if it is for industrial use, do not deprive yourself of choosing the one with the highest power.

The capacity

transparent juice squeezer Another aspect that should be taken into account is its capacity. You have to ask yourself if you will use it at home or in your business, or how many family members you are. This will allow you to determine how many liters the model you should choose should have.

The important thing is that the container is suitable. We recommend that, if you want to prepare juice for your whole family, you choose one that has a capacity greater than 150 milliliters and that has an anti-drip nozzle to pour the juice.

The options

modern juicer In the market you can find electric or manual juicers. On the one hand, electric models have the advantage of making work much easier, especially because they save time, although they are more expensive.

While, on the other hand, the manuals are simpler, but require more time and effort to prepare a glass of juice. However, its affordable price makes it an excellent option compared to much more expensive ones, such as automatic models.


manual juicer The accessories included in the product can influence the quality of the juice, in addition to facilitating the preparation process. Among the most common accessories are the pulp filter, the anti-drip system, the integrated handle and non-slip feet.

If you have the opportunity to buy a product with all these components, you can enjoy different types of juice. In addition, these machines are so versatile that you can even prepare purees.

The different models of juicer

In the market you can find two different models: manual and automatic. They differ in that the latter have a motor that allows to obtain the juice of the fruit without any effort, that makes its price vary considerably. Let’s know the characteristics of each of them.

Manual model

manual juicer They are inexpensive products, easy to clean and use, but it takes more time and effort to get a glass of juice. We can find the classic model with a helix-shaped piece that works by pressing and turning the fruit on it.

On the other hand, we also find the round container with the conical central piece to squeeze. This model is recommended for small families or people who do not want to spend too much budget on this utensil.

Electric model

electric juicer The electric model has an internal motor that makes the juice extraction process faster and more comfortable.

In addition, it includes several accessories with which you can enjoy a good glass of juice instantly.

As you can imagine, these models tend to be more expensive, as they do the job on their own.

Although the juice extractor is a simple product, easy to handle and very practical, it is necessary to take into account all these aspects in order to make a good purchase. Follow the recommendations that we have given you and we assure you that you will have at home a product adapted to your needs with which you can prepare a good glass of juice.

Juicers on sale today

Looking for a juicer that provides you with everything you need for a luxurious breakfast? Take advantage of the Amazon offers from the following list and get yours today at the best price:

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How much is a juicer worth?

compact juicer The price range of a juicer is between 10 and 120 euros. It varies depending on whether it is manual or automatic, its power level, the product’s manufacturing materials, its capacity and the number of accessories it includes.

Among the automatic models, we can highlight the Krups Citrus Press ZX7000 juicer with lid that costs 170 euros; the AMZCHEF cold press blender available for 100 euros or the CIRAGO juice extractor for around 80 euros.

Other quality models that you can get at an affordable price are the Princess 201851 juicer that costs 42 euros; or the Cecotec Zitrus Adjust for 30 euros; and the cheapest, the Cecotec ZitrusEasy which costs only 10 euros.

Where to buy a juice squeezer?

This small kitchen utensil can be found in a wide variety of stores. On the other hand, as an option that we like the most, you can buy it in online stores, such as Amazon, where you have many models to choose from, fast shipping and very competitive prices.

How to use a juice squeezer?

Here we will show you how to use your juicer so that you take advantage of all the benefits that this new product that you have in your kitchen offers you. Although it is most recommended that you read the instructions for use well, as the operation may vary from one model to another.

In the event that the model you bought is manual, you must follow these steps:

  1. Wash and disinfect the fruit very well.
  2. Hold the fruit on the counter and roll it around a bit so that its segments detach from the skin and it is easier to extract the juice.
  3. Rinse the juicer parts before using it for the first time.
  4. Next, cut the oranges in half.
  5. Place the center of each orange in the center of the juicer and apply a little downward pressure as you slowly turn the orange.
  6. You can see how the juice is coming out and falling into the glass or container that you have available.
  7. Ready! You can now enjoy a good glass of freshly squeezed juice.

If you have bought an electric juicer, you will not have to be an expert to use it, just follow the following steps:

  1. Assemble the machine according to the instructions in the user manual, especially in the case of the tray to collect the juice, it is separated from the rest of the appliance. Plug it in.
  2. If it is a conventional model, you just have to cut the orange in half, and pass each half through the cone-shaped base that is connected to the motor so that it begins to rotate.
  3. The juice will go directly into a container and, depending on the accessories it includes, it will even come out strained.
  4. Ready! Enjoy a delicious juice.

How to clean a juicer?

juicer in the kitchen Cleaning the juicer is essential, since in the end you will consume what you prepare in it. A well-cleaned machine will allow you to taste a juice with a more pleasant and healthy flavor.

Therefore, the juicer is required to be thoroughly cleaned after each use. In addition, if juice residues accumulate in the machine, its useful life may be shortened and we want to avoid that at all costs.

Although there are models that are dishwasher safe, it is recommended to clean parts such as the cone, strainer and spout by hand, as they are made of stainless steel, this will prevent wear.

How to wash your best juicer machine? With a soft and suitable scouring pad you can reach all corners and angles of the machine to clean it easily. You will only need water and a dishwasher. However, if you want to wash the parts of your juicer in the dishwasher, there will be no problem, as long as the parts are suitable for it. Check it in the instruction manual of the model you bought.



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