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The best Hand blender comparison

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One of the most compact and versatile appliances, essential in any kitchen, is the best hand blender. With it you can prepare a multitude of recipes: creams, sauces, purees, smoothies, etc.

However, in the market we can find countless models, brands and prices that can make it difficult to buy. In this article we will carry out a comparative analysis of the different models so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

The best hand blender

The hand mixer was invented in Switzerland by Roger Perrinjaquet in 1950, who called it Bamix. However, its best known version was the one that the Barcelona engineer Gabriel Luella’s created for the Spanish company Pimer and which he called the Minimizer.

It is a small appliance that allows you to crush, beat or mix ingredients in the same container. Some come equipped with different accessories to prepare any recipe more easily.

The best hand blender of the moment

Before continuing, take a look at the best hand mixers we have selected from :

The best value for money

This hand blender has a manual speed selector and a soft, ergonomic handle for easy handling. It has a power of 750 W and stainless steel blades with which you will obtain an optimal result. In addition, its Easy Click system allows easy disassembly and all its accessories are dishwasher safe.

The best high-end model

This ergonomically designed model has 12 speeds and 750 W of power. In addition, its four-edged blades contribute to a faster and finer crushing. This device is provided with the necessary accessories to blend, knead and grind any food with great ease.

The best cheap model

This hand mixer is made of stainless steel and high quality BPA-free plastics. It has a power of 600 W and a motor of up to 15,000 rpm. In addition, it allows you to manually select up to 17 speeds to process any type of food.

Comparison of the best hand mixers

If you are not sure which hand mixer to choose, don’t miss the following comparative table with the four best models of the moment along with their most important characteristics:

Why buy a hand blender?

The hand mixer is one of the simplest and smallest appliances that can be found in any home. It is so compact and easy to use that it still has many followers, although today there are more complex appliances such as kitchen machines.

To whisk or grind a large quantity of food

man using a hand mixer

This instrument consists of two distinct parts. In the upper one is the motor and the lower one, known as the arm or foot of the mixer, is where the stainless steel blades are located.

With this convenient device you can prepare from a simple mayonnaise or a sauce, whip egg whites or cream, to crush foods of different hardness. It is even capable of reducing ice or nuts to powder. Among the functions that this utensil incorporates are: grinding, whipping, mixing, assembling or emulsifying, depending on the accessories it incorporates.

Very easy to use

The blender is a fairly intuitive kitchen tool and does not present any complications for the user. You just have to plug it into the electrical current and press a button for its powerful blades to start spinning.

The only important thing is to learn to control the different power levels to apply them to each preparation and the result you seek to obtain. For this reason, it is recommended to start with lower speeds and gradually increase until you reach the desired one. Many of the models incorporate the turbo function, ideal for obtaining finer and creamier sauces in less time.

They take up little space

The hand blender is a very small and compact device, more so than the glass blenders . It can be easily disassembled to store it in any drawer or cupboard in your kitchen. However, if you opt for a model that includes several accessories, storage will be somewhat more uncomfortable and complicated; but you will be able to carry out more tasks with the help of a single instrument, without having to buy other devices to carry it out.

woman using a hand mixer

Many accessories for many uses

accessories of a hand mixer When buying one of these kitchen utensils, the first thing to do is decide whether to buy just the mixer or a model that includes other accessories that match. Among them are mixing rods, measuring cups, mincers or spatulas, among several options. In this way, it allows many more functions to be performed with a single device.

One of the most complete and powerful models is the Bosch Maxo Mixx, which includes a set of various accessories with which it is possible to grate, cut into slices, knead, chop meat or ice, whip cream or whites … all with a single appliance. What a luxury!

The best hand blender on sale today

Are you looking for a cheap hand mixer that maintains your quality standards? Do not miss this list that brings together the models at the best price of the moment:

How to choose a hand blender ?

If you are not sure what to choose when purchasing one of these tools, we have prepared a buying guide to make the decision easier for you:

Its potency

switch of a hand mixer The main aspect that you should assess in a hand mixer is its power. This characteristic will allow you to know the capacity of a device to process foods of greater hardness without damaging its motor.

Although you can find models with less than 500 W, if you want to be able to grind any food with an efficient device, it is best to exceed 600 W. In this way, you will not have limitations and you will not need to resort to other utensils.

Its ergonomics

red hand mixer Since it is a utensil that we handle with our hands, it must have an ergonomic, soft and non-slip grip. On the other hand, your weight is also important. A lighter device will always be easier to handle, although this may be a sign that its materials are not as robust.

On the other hand, there are also wireless hand mixers that can be even more comfortable to use, since the movement is not limited by the cable. If the model you are interested in is not wireless, the length of the cable will also be an important factor that you are interested in assessing, since a short cable will not leave you much room for movement.

Its adjustable speeds

Although many models only have one operating speed, others tend to incorporate a wheel with which to select the desired speed manually, depending on the preparation or the food you are going to process.

Your materials

various types of hand mixer The mixers can be made of different materials, especially those based on plastic or metal.

It is preferable that the arm of the machine and its blades are made of stainless steel, since they guarantee greater durability with the passage of time and uses.

The accessories, in general, are usually made of plastic; so it would be advisable to check that it is always BPA free and suitable for food.

The different models of hand blender

In this section we will explain the main types of mixers that we can find:

Single arm model

simple hand mixer In this case we refer to the appliance is yes, without any type of built-in accessory. Therefore, they are the most compact and easy to store models. They can be made in one piece or two.

That is, a block where the motor is located and, on the other hand, the foot or arm of the mixer, which is where the blades are located.

The main advantage of these models is that, by not including accessories, they are cheaper and, in addition, much more comfortable to use. However, its functions are more limited. If you are interested in a blender to prepare some basic recipes, such as mayonnaise or sauces, and it is not a device that you are going to use daily, without a doubt these models are more suitable for you.

Arm model with accessories

hand mixer with accessories On the other hand, there are the mixers that incorporate different accessories, such as rods to whip cream or egg white, measuring glasses, mixers or containers to chop all kinds of food.

That is, they allow you to perform many more functions than the basic mixer. While with the previous ones you can emulsify, beat or crush; with these models a whole range of possibilities opens up. However, by including different accessories, storage is somewhat more uncomfortable, as more space is required in the kitchen to store all the pieces.

As you have seen, there is a wide variety of models and prices on the market. The first thing you should evaluate is that the power of the equipment is adequate to meet your needs, as well as the quality and accessories it includes. Opting for well-known and prestigious brands can be synonymous with purchasing success. However, it is also very important that you consult the experiences and opinions of other users.

Best Selling Hand blender

Still don’t know which model to buy from all the options? Take a look at the best-selling and highest-rated on the market in 2020:

How much is a hand mixer worth?

hand blender At the time of purchase, a great variety of prices are presented depending on the power and accessories that each model incorporates, as well as the quality of the materials with which it is manufactured.

If you are looking for a simple product, without many accessories and easy to use, you can buy it for less than € 20. A device with a good value for money and that incorporates some accessories can be priced between € 30 and € 60. From there we would be talking about high-end or professional models.

The Moulinex QuickChef model has a power of 1000 W and you can choose the appropriate speed for each preparation between 10 levels. In addition, it incorporates 2 accessories for chopping and mounting, as well as a measuring cup. You can buy it through Amazon for about € 40.

On the other hand, one of the best sellers is the Bosch brand model. It has 750 W of power and its arm is made of stainless steel. In addition, it has 12 adjustable speeds plus a button for the turbo. This model is on Amazon for around € 70.

One of the most complete devices on the market is the Braun MultiQuick that has 1000 W of power and a multitude of accessories, therefore, its price is somewhat higher. It can be purchased for about € 110.

How to use a hand blender?

This appliance is very comfortable and easy to use. The foot of the mixer can be attached to the top of the machine by means of a button or by screwing it on. Once you have done it, just plug it into the electrical current.

In a glass with the appropriate measures that you have at home or in which the model is incorporated, add the ingredients that you want to process. A very important point when using this instrument is the movement of your hand. Ideally, move the arm of the machine up and down.

To avoid splashing all over your kitchen, start working from the bottom and slowly work your way up, but not too much. It is also better that you increase the speed progressively, according to the needs of your preparation. You can tilt the glass a little so that the blades reach each piece of food and nothing is left without crushing.

How to clean a hand mixer?

set of a hand mixer

This product requires minimal maintenance and is very easy to operate and clean. To begin with, the first and most important thing is to unplug the power cord to avoid accidents.

Almost all components of this appliance are dishwasher safe , except of course for the motor part. This area should be cleaned with a damp cloth or a little soap, but carefully. Afterward, make sure it’s dry before storing it in a drawer.

Hand or glass blender?

Both types of mixers are very useful for making preparations in the kitchen. However, the best hand blender model is more practical in several respects, such as that it can be used without being restricted to a glass and that it can be stored more easily.


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