best Glass mixer buying guide

best Glass mixer

The best glass mixer or blenders are comfortable to use and very versatile devices; although, with the large number of offers on the market, it can be difficult to find a quality model at a good price.

For this reason, in this article we will explain all the parameters that you must assess to get the best glass mixer of the moment.

The best glass mixer blender

The glass mixer also known as an American, is a very comfortable kitchen utensil to use.

It has a glass or jug ​​where you can add the ingredients to be processed and it closes hermetically, so there is no risk of splashing the whole kitchen, as can happen with hand mixers . If you want to enjoy delicious smoothies or juices in a short time, this machine cannot be missing in your home.

The best glass mixer of the year

Before we get down to business, how about taking a look at the best glass blenders on the market? Choose among these the one that best suits your needs:

The best value for money

This glass blender offers power, comfort and ease of use. It has 800 W and a heat-resistant glass tumbler for a perfect result. Ideal for preparing fruit smoothies, vegetable creams and smoothies . In addition, it incorporates an intelligent locking system and a safety lock to prevent accidents.

The best high-end model

This model incorporates a powerful 1000 W motor that easily crushes all kinds of food and even ice, to make delicious slushes or shakes. Its jug is made of glass and its 6 blades are made of high quality stainless steel, resistant and durable. In addition, it can be cleaned quickly and conveniently, since the lid and the glass jar are dishwasher safe.

The best cheap model

Mini glass blender with 230 W of power, ideal for preparing your smoothies or fruit and vegetable juices quickly and conveniently. In addition, it is equipped with 2 sports bottles 400 ml and 350 ml, made of BPA-free plastic, so you can enjoy your drinks anywhere.

Comparison of the best glass mixer

Below, you will find a comparison table with the most popular models on the market and their main features highlighted, so it will be easier for you to choose. Don’t miss them!

Why buy a glass blender?

Glass blenders have become the indispensable appliance in many kitchens. If you don’t have one yet, the following reasons will make you unable to resist.

To enjoy delicious smoothies and sauces

panel tumbler blender Our mouths water when we think of those fruit smoothies of many colors and flavors. If you declare yourself an unconditional fan of fruit and vegetable smoothies, this device is for you.

Having one of these devices at home contributes to a much healthier diet. Since you can get more out of the vegetables and pieces of fruit that you have in the fridge. The recipes and combinations that you can prepare with this gadget are endless. It all depends on your personal tastes and how you feel that day.

But the options do not end here. Nothing healthier than a vegetable cream prepared with fresh seasonal products. Add the cooked ingredients to the glass and in a matter of seconds you will have a rich cream or sauce ready with a fine and creamy texture.

Very practical appliance

Cecotec glass blender This kitchen utensil is very easy to use. The jar is now ready to incorporate all the ingredients you need for your mixture. Simply plug it into the mains and press a button for the blades to start spinning.

In addition, some models incorporate bottles so you can take your juices or smoothies to work, to the gym, for a walk or wherever you want. When it comes to cleaning you will not have any problem, as most have removable parts that are suitable for the dishwasher.

To save time

Having the right utensils at home makes kitchen tasks considerably easier, especially when we are in a hurry. The glass blender guarantees us to have different tasks ready in record time, such as grinding, mincing, mixing, whipping or blending; all with the same device. In addition, you can choose the speed at which you want your mixture to be processed to obtain different results, depending on the preparation.

modern blender

The glass blenders on sale today

If you are thinking of buying a new mixer like the ones we are showing you throughout this article, take advantage of today’s offers and get the cheapest one from the following list:

How to choose a glass blender?

There are several features that you should not overlook when purchasing one of these devices. To help you choose the blender that best suits your needs and which you can get the most out of, we have prepared this buying guide. Take note!

Its potency

glass blender with protection Without a doubt, this is one of the most important factors that you will have to assess when deciding on one mixer or another, as with many other appliances in your kitchen. Power refers to the number of watts the motor has. The higher the number of watts, the better the result of the mix.

This aspect also influences the resistance and efficiency of the appliance itself. It is necessary that the motor has enough power, as well as some quality blades, to grind any food well without damaging the appliance or the blades.

Your material

blender with fruit Many of the glasses are usually made of reinforced plastic or glass. There are also stainless steel jugs that, although they are much more resistant, have the disadvantage of not allowing you to see the crushing process. The latter usually have a higher price.

Although plastic is lighter and more manageable, it can retain odors and may not offer the same quality as other materials. The ideal is to opt for BPA-free materials that resist high temperatures well so that they cannot crack due to excess heat.

His capacity

blender with vegetables Keep in mind how you plan to use this device on a regular basis, whether you need the blender for personal use or for the whole family, or perhaps for a more professional approach.

Most jugs have a standard capacity of 1.5 or 2 liters, allowing you to prepare drinks for more than 4 people.

If you are looking for a compact blender to be able to take your smoothies or juices anywhere without problems, we recommend the Augusta Green berry 30JHU model, which has 600 W of power and two portable bottles of 600 ml capacity each.

Its blades

blades of a glass blender The blades are the main element in a glass blender. Check that they are made of stainless steel and of good quality. The higher the number of blades, the more effective the mixer will be and the better results you will get.

Another interesting aspect that you should evaluate is whether the blades are removable, since in many models they remain attached to the glass. If you value devices that offer ease of cleaning positively, check that the blades are removable.

Your choices

control panel of a glass blender Lately you hear a lot about vacuum blenders. What these devices do is suck all the air out of the glass before starting to beat, so the food does not oxidize during the process.

This option can be found in the Moline LM180110 model, a quality device at a very competitive price.

Another option that can make you decide is the silencer system. We know that food processors tend to make a lot of noise, but if this is an aspect that bothers you, we recommend the Bosch Silent Mix model. It has the capacity to store up to 2.3 liters and the internal parts of the engine are able to isolate the noise by means of a special system that acts as a silencer.

Your accessories

Some models have built-in extra accessories that can be very useful according to your needs. For example, many incorporate a couple of portable bottles, spatulas to help you get the contents of the jar or small containers with airtight closure to store your preparations.

Best sales of glass blender

Still haven’t made up your mind? Find yours among the best-selling models of the moment in the market of small appliances.

How much is a glass blender worth?

large glass blender We can consider a mixer to be cheap if its price is below € 50. This is usually the case for models with less power and more compact, designed especially for individual use, such as the Cerotic Smoothie Maker.

One of the best value for money blenders you can find on the market right now is the Taurus Prior Legend. A device with a power of 1000 W, with a capacity for 1.5 liters and 4-edge blades

On the other hand, the Cerotic Power Titanium glass blender also serves as a blender , as it includes a filter to obtain pulp-free smoothies. It is a powerful 1250 W device that cannot resist any food, not even ice. .

compact blender The Oster BVLB07-ES 4655 model, with 600 W of power and capacity for 1.25 liters, has a good metal bond between the motor gear and the blades, making it much more resistant. .

As always, the Smog brand does not disappoint us with the careful design and somewhat vintage style of its kitchen appliances. Your Smog BLF01CREU blender is available in various colors, to adapt to the style of your kitchen.

Following the line of an elegant design that adapts to any decoration, we find the Kitchen aid Artisan in red.

Before deciding on a model, be clear about the use you are going to give it. Are you only preparing cold juice and smoothies? You may be looking for a device that withstands high temperatures well to process cooked foods and make delicious creams, or that is powerful to be able to crush ice and make slushiest. The advice that we give you is that you look for a tool with enough power that allows you to grind and chop food with different degrees of hardness. Finally, don’t forget to check the ratings of other consumers.

How to make juices in a blender?

The juices sold in supermarkets already packed are usually full of sugar, preservatives and additives that are harmful to health. So, what if you dare to prepare your own drinks? So you will know at all times the components of what you drink.

Making juices in a blender is very simple: the ingredients are introduced into the glass or glass jar and it is started so that the blades do their work. In a few seconds you will have the drink ready.

If you want to prepare the delicious and famous green smoothies, you just have to place the green fruit or vegetables and some liquid, which can be juice, milk, vegetable milk, etc. in the blender glass.

On the other hand, you should not confuse the glass blender with the blender. Although with a blender you can obtain delicious juices, a large part of pulp and fibers remain that do not pass into the drink. In contrast, the sturdy blender blades grind all parts of the fruit. You will obtain a smooth and creamy result with which you will take better advantage of all the nutrients.

How to clean a glass blender?

Most of the parts that make up the mixer are dishwasher safe, so it won’t cost you anything to leave it as new. Another option to clean the jug quickly and comfortably is to fill it with hot water and the detergent you use regularly. Then, you just have to start it so that the mixture carries away all the food remains.

Can you crush ice in a glass blender?

Roughly, yes, in this best Glass mixer you can crush ice. However, you should check the specifications of the specific model if the blades are resistant enough to chop this type of solid product without breaking or damaging the device.


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