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With a best food processor you can obtain a texture and consistency that is not always achieved with a blender or food processor. In addition, it is very easy and fast to use. Prepare fruit and vegetable sauces, purees or creams, while separating the seeds and shells from the puree.

However, with so many models available on the market, choosing the one that best suits your needs can be difficult. Therefore, in this buying guide you will find all the aspects that you will have to assess in order to choose a quality food processor.

What is a best food processor?

A best food processor is a kitchen tool designed to grind and sift different types of food.

You can find them in various shapes and sizes, but they are usually made of stainless steel to guarantee their long durability. In addition, they can incorporate different sizes of grates to achieve the desired consistency.

The best food processor of 2020

If you are looking for a good food processor for your kitchen, take a look at the best models of the year selected from among the most prominent in each price range:

The best value for money

This manual kitchen accessory is made of quality stainless steel. You can use it to prepare vegetable purees, baby food or baby food, among many other dishes. It is a robust and resistant model, so it will last you for many years.

The best high-end model

Robust and resistant stainless steel hopper. It is designed to be versatile, comfortable and easy to use. With two sieving discs to prepare purees, soups and compotes with different granules, achieving results from less to finer. It has a manual system with ergonomic handle and support legs to facilitate the task.

The best cheap model

It is a perfect instrument for mashing potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes and bananas. Grind the food to a fine consistency. The strainer head is made of stainless steel, resistant to rust. In addition, it has a mechanism that holds the head firmly and allows it to be folded for easy storage when not in use.

Comparison of the best food processor

So that you can choose the perfect food processor for you well, do not miss the following comparative analysis with the four best models selected by the team along with their most important characteristics. Check out!

Why buy a food processor?

This utensil should not be missing in your kitchen. It is an easy and convenient way to grind food, as has always been done. The advantages and comforts that a food processor provides are innumerable. Take note!

To make all kinds of purees

metal food processor The food processor is a very versatile tool that you can use to grind a wide variety of foods. It has the advantage of being able to add hot food, unpeeled or seeded vegetables to your bowl.

Quickly and with minimal effort you can prepare an applesauce or tomato sauce, without seeds and without skin. Food mills are also perfect for making baby food or purees or for people who have soft food restrictions because they have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

It is also important to check if the mill comes with interchangeable discs. In this way, you will have greater flexibility to prepare all kinds of sauces, purees or creams. Most models have at least three discs.

To save time

carrot mash Food grinders are simple utensils. Although they can be manual or automatic, they are very easy to use, so you can grind food faster and without complications.

They are normally easy to disassemble and clean, most are dishwasher safe. In addition, they can be used with hot or cold foods and with soft, semi-solid or liquid foods.

Unlike food processors, they do not grind the seeds and shells. If you mash a tomato with skin and seeds in a food processor, it may give you a gritty texture since it is minced, but not blended.

Food processors are best suited for solid foods, which cannot be mashed in the food processor, such as cheese or nuts. Food that you add to the mill should be soft or steamed, baked, or boiled before being processed.

green puree

Best selling food processor

If you are not sure yet, pay attention to the best-selling models this year in the following table:

How to choose a food processor?

Still don’t know which model to choose? In this buying guide we explain the most important points that you should not overlook.

The material

plastic food processor It goes without saying that when buying this kitchen accessory, as in many other cases, you have to check the integrity of the material and construction to make sure that none of it affects the food. Stainless steel is a much safer material.

It is often used in other cookware as it has excellent durability, reliability, and overall appeal properties. It is a guarantee that the product will last for years, even decades.

The other option would be plastic. Keep in mind that when used for this purpose, plastic is rather used on the body of the tool and for the handle. Blades and racks are still stainless steel.

The size

small food processor With a properly sized food mill, you can finish the job much faster. Also, the food being mashed is less likely to spill out of the bowl.

Therefore, it is better to choose a model with a slightly larger size, although it all depends on the use you plan to give it.

Keep in mind that you cannot fill it to the top, as it will not be able to work effectively. In fact, most models can be filled halfway to ensure that the resulting pulp and puree do not spill.


food grinder with accessories Most of the models incorporate different sizes of racks to adapt to the different foods that are more suitable. Therefore, you have to ask yourself what you are going to grind before incorporating the grate that best suits each case.

Many models come with extra discs of various sizes and functionality. You will find them with holes ranging from 2mm to 5mm. Smaller holes are better for catching smaller seeds and shells, while larger holes allow most of the contents to pass through and leave a more typical puree consistency.

The ease of cleaning

food processor with various plates In general, the different models that you will find on the market are currently disassembled to facilitate cleaning by hand. This is also very useful to be able to store it in smaller spaces or to simply occupy less.

In addition, if any part breaks, it can be replaced so that you can continue using the food processor without problem and without having to buy a complete one. It goes without saying that the easier it is to assemble and disassemble the food processor, the more you want to use it.

Once you have it disassembled, you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, as most are suitable, thus offering greater ease of cleaning and maintenance.


metal food grinder In addition to incorporating different discs for the thickness and texture of the puree, some models come with hinged legs or hooks to secure them over the container where the puree will fall.

Models that do not incorporate these legs may be more uncomfortable to use. Additionally, food grinders with hooks or legs are often more robust than one without. If it does not have this accessory you will have to hold it by the handle, even if you do not lean on a story or bowl as if it were a colander , which can be a bit more uncomfortable

The different models of food processor

In general, you can find two types of food mill on the market. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Manual model

manual food processor The food mills are available in manual or electric models. Electric models save you much of the effort, but they can be more expensive and require more space since they are larger.

In contrast, manual models can be cheaper and take up less space, but you will have to apply force to process the food. Although it all depends on the amount of food you are going to grind and the use you plan to use it, the truth is that manual models are very comfortable and do not present complications.

Electric model

electric food processor Of course, technology is increasingly present in our kitchens to help with the rhythm of daily life. Electric food mills are faster.

By not requiring pressure from the user, they are good for people with arthritis or other joint ailments.

They are also more recommended for large families who prepare large amounts of purees or creams. As we have mentioned before, its price is higher than that of manual models. They can be powered by cable or use batteries.

When choosing the best model for your home, think carefully about the use you are going to give it, if you need different grids or a larger size. The food mill is a tool that is used a lot in homes with babies or people with chewing difficulties. If this is your case, be sure to choose a quality model. You can check the opinions of other buyers on Amazon.

The current food mill promotions

Take advantage of Amazon promotions and get the best model of the moment at a spectacular price with the alternatives that we propose below.

How much does a food processor cost?

woman using a food processor The price of this utensil may vary depending on the brand, size or accessories, but we notice the big leap between the manual and electric models. The manuals are usually around 20 euros, while the electric ones can reach 80 euros.

For example, the BRA Professional, 18/10 stainless steel food processor is available on Amazon for about 19 euros. The Granny’s Kitchen stainless steel manual food mill with 3 interchangeable discs costs about 22 euros.

On the other hand, the electric Ariete – Passì model costs around 86 euros; and the Générique Moulinette model made of plastic and with a power of 25 W costs about 42 euros.

How to puree?

Most of the models you will find on the market work the same way. Still, it’s best to check the instructions before using them for the first time. To make a puree you can follow the following steps:

  1. To start, be sure to use the appropriate size disk depending on the seed size of the food, or how thin you want the puree to be.
  2. Remember, the food must be soft enough to pass through the holes. You must first cook the food with the method you want before using the mill.
  3. Never turn the handle or turn on the electric food processor without food in it. This could scratch the surface of the disc and make it difficult to operate over time.
  4. Fill the bowl in half, place it on a plate or container, and turn the crank. You will see that the puree begins to come out through the holes in the rack and falls into the container that you have placed underneath.
  5. Ready! It’s that simple you will have your puree prepared.

How to clean a food processor?

food mill and bowl with cream Once you have finished using it, it is advisable to rinse it well right after so that the remains of food do not stick and it is more difficult to clean it afterwards. It is best to opt for a model that is removable, so you can better clean it in each of its nooks and crannies.

Some are easier to assemble than others, so if you are looking for a dishwasher-safe food processor, check that it is easy to reassemble. Some even come with a quick release button so you can remove it effortlessly.

Today, almost all food mills are dishwasher safe, thanks to their stainless steel construction. That said, not all of them are easy to clean. If there are too many nooks and crannies, even the dishwasher can leave food behind. Anyway, there is always the possibility to clean it by hand. You may need to use a spatula or something similar from time to time to scrape the food under the blade. For this reason, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly before the food has dried.

best Food processor or mixer?

A priori, it will depend on what you are going to use it for. If you want a utensil to make good purees, then the best food processor will be the ideal option, since the mixers can provide another texture to the food and make it closer to cream than to puree.


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