The best filter coffee machines of the moment

best filter coffee machines

Would you like to be able to prepare a spectacular coffee? With filter coffee makers you can enjoy a good coffee from the comfort of your home, easily and quickly. Here we show you the best filter coffee machines of the moment.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide on a model. If you can’t go a day without that special aroma, don’t miss this comparison with the best models of the moment.

The best filter coffee machine

A best filter coffee machine uses the drip brewing method. What you do is pour hot water over the ground coffee and then let the coffee fall into a jug or some other type of container.

These coffee makers produce a large amount of the beverage from fresh or ground beans (better freshly ground), and keep the heat in the carafe for a longer time.

The Best Filter Coffee Makers of 2020

If you are here it is because you are passionate about coffee and you are looking for a good coffee maker . Below, you will find the three best of the year:

The best value for money

Programmable coffee maker with which you can enjoy 12 cups of coffee in the company of your family or friends. It has a programmable timer and is very easy to use. In addition, the extra-strong glass carafe can hold up to 12 cups of coffee and is equipped with a comfortable non-slip handle for easy pouring.

The best high-end model

This appliance includes a host of advanced features designed to enhance your coffee-making experience and enhance the bottom line. It incorporates spray technology that spreads water evenly over the top of the coffee to extract the maximum essence and reduce waste. Since everything is used, your fresh coffee will taste even better.

The best cheap model

It is a fast and easy-to-use coffee maker that prepares coffee in no time. For the whole family to enjoy a quality coffee during breakfast. With it you can also make different types of tea.

person using a filter coffee maker

Comparison of the best filter coffee machines

Still don’t know which filter coffee maker to buy? Pay attention to the following comparative analysis with the four best machines of the moment and their most important outstanding characteristics to make your choice easier:

Why buy a filter coffee maker?

If you are fond of coffee, this machine cannot be missing in your home. Either to provide the daily dose of energy, or to enjoy a delicious coffee with your friends on a Sunday afternoon.

To make a lot of coffee in one go

person pouring coffee from a filter coffee maker It is common to find these coffee makers in larger homes, in which all or almost all members of the family drink coffee.

They are also often used in offices or offices for workers to take a break and enjoy the taste of a good coffee to recharge their batteries.

Filter coffee makers can brew an average of about 10 cups at a time and keep them warm to accommodate the different schedules of family members or whoever is drinking coffee. For this same reason, they are also very suitable if you tend to receive frequent visits. It is an easy and comfortable way to have coffee prepared for all your guests and in a single preparation. You do the job once and you have a lot of coffee.

To enjoy the taste of ground coffee

white filter coffee maker These coffee makers are ideal for those who enjoy a black coffee, in which they simply have to add milk afterwards, if they wish. They stand out for being easy to handle and practical. The best way to enjoy ground coffee without much effort.

You can also prepare a coffee pot and then fill your cup whenever you feel like it. Keep in mind that many models, in addition to ground coffee, work with coffee beans. They are machines in which the beans are poured into a hopper, where they are ground, and then the coffee is made.

To save money on capsules

modern filter coffee maker Filter coffee makers do not work with capsules, but with ground coffee. They are designed to prepare coffee for many people at the same time, or larger cups. If everyone in a family drinks coffee, a capsule coffee maker can be very expensive in the long run.

With these coffee machines you can obtain a delicious coffee with its characteristic aroma and that lovers of this drink like so much. In addition, although many brands already work with recyclable capsules, there are still others that cannot be recycled, so with a filter coffee maker it will be easier for you to help reduce waste at home.

Best selling filter coffee maker

The following models have been the best sellers of the year. Don’t forget to check the opinions of other buyers before making a decision to make sure it’s the right one.

How to choose a filter coffee maker?

So that you can choose the model that best suits your needs, don’t miss the following buying guide:

Filter type

open filter coffee maker Most modern filter coffee machines use reusable filters, either cloth or metal. This reduces waste and the need to purchase additional filters, as you only need to wash them thoroughly and they are ready to be used again.

However, if you prefer disposable paper filters, for a slower drip and a more intense flavor, there are also models that allow you to use both types. Of course, it is convenient that you check that the filter pieces are free of PFOA and BPA to avoid contamination of the coffee and protect your health.

The capacity

side filter coffee maker When it comes to size, most models can hold about 10 to 12 cups of coffee. Typically this translates to about 5 large standard size cups. Therefore, they are very suitable for large families in which all their members are coffee lovers.

However, to be able to adapt to all homes, you can also opt for smaller versions that are available to prepare around 2 cups. They are ideal for houses in which only one person drinks coffee or if you are a couple of people but drink a small amount a day.

The power

A good machine must have enough power to heat the water in less time and pass it through the coffee and thus obtain all its aroma and flavor. In electric filter coffee machines we usually find powers between 600 and 1000 W. Other models with a good value for money offer around 850 W of power, perfect for preparing a good coffee.

Ease of use

silver filter coffee maker In general, filter coffee makers are very easy to use. In some more advanced models you will find a very intuitive control panel through which you can choose all the options to prepare a totally personalized coffee.

Also opt for a coffee maker that offers cleaning facilities. Well, as you already know, coffee grounds or lime deposits tend to accumulate in these appliances with the passage of time and use.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean it frequently to ensure its long life. Some models will indicate on their control panel when it is necessary to descale the machine.

The options

complete filter coffee maker In addition to finding coffee makers with different capacities according to the needs of the home, many models today can offer different options to make the preparation of your coffee easier.

Many of them have an anti-drip nozzle or a programmable clock to have the coffee ready when you want it. Other models incorporate a coffee grinder in which you will have to incorporate the coffee beans to extract all its natural aroma.

Filter coffee maker promotions

Before you go for the first coffee maker you find, take a look at the models that are on sale today. Get your coffee maker on Amazon at the best possible price:

How much does a filter coffee maker cost?

filter coffee maker in kitchen The cost of coffee machines with a filter system ranges from approximately 20 to 80 euros. Models that are considered quality are generally more efficient at their work and in filtering the coffee, resulting in a better taste.

However, they do not necessarily have to be the most expensive. There are models with good value for money that also prepare delicious coffees. Do not forget that at the time of purchase, you must consider other additional expenses, such as the price of coffee beans or ground, as well as filters, if you opt for paper models.

For example, the Aigostar 30HIK 1000 W model, with reusable filter and keep warm function, and free of BPA, is available on Amazon for only 23 euros. On the other hand, the Russell Hobbs Colors Plus, for 15 Cups and with 1000 W, costs about 40 euros; while the 1000 W Melitta Look model, with a capacity of 1.25 liters, is priced at about 44 euros.

Choosing a good coffee maker can take some time. It is necessary that you consult the characteristics of each model carefully and the evaluations of other consumers. As benefits can vary a lot, it all depends on how coffee lover you are and how much money you are willing to spend.

Where to buy a filter coffee maker?

This kitchen accessory can be found in various types of stores. On the other hand, there are other very good options that we usually recommend, such as opting for online stores. In stores like Amazon, they have good prices, a wide variety of products and fast shipping.

How to prepare coffee in a filter coffee maker?

Before using the machine, read the instructions for use carefully, as operation may vary depending on the model chosen. Although, as you will see, these coffee machines are usually very easy to use and very intuitive, so they do not usually present problems.

You can follow the steps below to use the coffee machine efficiently and prepare the best coffee :

  1. It is advisable to wash the water container and the nozzle well before the first use to eliminate residues that may have remained from the manufacture of the product.
  2. Once you’re done, add water to the container to proceed with making the coffee. The coffee maker will have markings on the side to help you measure how much water is needed.
  3. Put a coffee filter in the basket intended for it. Keep in mind that there are many different types of coffee filters, and the use of one or the other can greatly influence the final result. Most coffee makers come with their own filter, and this is usually the best option because it is easy to use and you can clean it when you need it.
  4. Now you will have to put the coffee in the filter. The amount of coffee depends on the cups of coffee you want to make. Therefore, you should review the instructions to check the perfect ratio. Some specialty blend coffees can have different proportions as well.
  5. Then plug in the coffee maker. Some models start brewing coffee as soon as you turn it on, while others have to press a button to get it going.
  6. Wait until all the coffee has finished brewing before pouring it in. If you are using a paper filter, you will need to remove it and throw it away after you are done, as it could leave coffee grounds in the machine that will make the next brew too bitter.
  7. Ready! Serve the coffee and let the components cool before proceeding to wash them.

How to clean a filter coffee maker?

filter from a filter coffee maker As we have mentioned before, it is essential to clean the machine frequently to guarantee its useful life and that it continues to prepare delicious coffees as the first day.

To make it easier for you to carry out this process, it is good that you check that the parts of the coffee maker are compatible with the dishwasher.

Before you start, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the parts of the machine will probably be removable, such as the filter and bracket and the water tank. So you can decide if you want to wash them by hand or in the dishwasher .

The filter of best filter coffee machines and holder should be washed after each use, to remove any coffee residue that could contaminate the flavor of the next brew. If the outside of the machine gets dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth.



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