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The best coffee percolator Guide

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Would you like to prepare a coffee with an exquisite aroma and flavor? Well, this combination can be obtained with a best coffee percolator. This utensil is not a simple coffee maker, since it uses a system to process the coffee that produces a hot drink with different characteristics.

So, if you are looking for a coffee percolator that makes delicious coffee in large quantities, in this article we offer you an informative guide with everything you need to know to choose the perfect percolator for you.

The best coffee percolator

The word percolator comes from the term percolare which means “filter” or “strain”. Therefore, a coffee percolator is an instrument that allows hot water to pass through ground coffee to obtain a drink.

Traditionally, this type of coffee maker was placed directly on the gas stove or stove, but today most models of this appliance work with normal electricity.

The best coffee percolators of 2020

The wide variety of coffee percolators on the market will allow you to choose the design you want. In order to help you find the ideal model for you, these are some of the best of the year:

The best value for money

Its ingenious model has the capacity to prepare 11 liters of premium coffee that covers 100 cups. Therefore, it is an ideal coffee maker for large offices. In addition, its double resistance will not only prepare a hot coffee, but will also keep it at that temperature for many hours, so you can serve it whenever you want.

The best high-end model

This model stands out for its modern and elegant design in chromed stainless steel, which gives a touch of sophistication to the kitchen or office. It is a cylindrical percolator capable of preparing and storing 15 liters of coffee, so that you can serve yourself whenever you want through its “self-service” tap. It has a fill indicator with light that turns on automatically when coffee preparation is finished.

The best cheap model

Despite being one of the cheapest models on the market, it offers the quality and productivity of other high-end models. It has a capacity of 6.8 liters, an excellent option for places with high demand for coffee. All its parts are made of stainless steel, it has a safety thermostat and a filling indicator. In addition, it has a double independent resistance for percolation and maintenance of temperature.

various coffee brewers

Comparison of the best coffee percolators

Not sure which percolator to buy? In the following comparative analysis you will find the four best models of the moment with their main characteristics highlighted to facilitate the choice. Check out!

Why buy a percolator?

With this utensil you can prepare coffee for many people. In addition to this, there are many other reasons that justify your purchase.

To prepare large quantities of coffee

coffee percolator One of the main advantages of a coffee percolator is that it allows us to prepare large quantities of coffee in one go, something that is difficult to achieve with any traditional coffee maker. For this reason, it is usually used in offices, hotels, restaurants or in a large meeting.

Your system can brew several liters of coffee, depending on its design and capacity. However, it is necessary to be more aware of the preparation, because if it is left boiling too long, the coffee can acquire a bitter taste.

To keep the coffee hot

small coffee percolator On the other hand, depending on the model you have chosen, these devices usually offer the ability to keep the drink hot for much longer than some thermos or coffee machines on the market. In this way, anyone can drink hot coffee at any time they want without having to reheat it.

For this, they usually have an electrical base that maintains heat throughout the structure. You can drink it, when it is freshly made, or throughout the day, with the total security that it will continue to be hot.

To be able to transport large quantities of coffee

yellow coffee percolator It is also very common to use the percolators to take them on field trips, trips or at campsites. In addition, not all models are electric, but can be placed on a heat source to boil water and prepare coffee as usual.

Therefore, if you are planning to spend a few days in the country and you do not know how to prepare coffee in large quantities so that no one is left without their cup, do not hesitate to take your percolator with you. It is perfect for this type of event.

The best coffee percolator sales of 2020

Still don’t know which model to choose? Take note of the best-selling coffee percolators on Amazon this year with the following table:

How to choose a percolator?

To choose the perfect coffee percolator, you have to keep in mind the needs you want to cover. Next, we present a buying guide with a description of the different aspects that define this type of coffee maker, so that you can make the right decision:

The capacity

percolator for coffee The capacity of the percolator will depend on the demand for coffee, because it will directly influence the type of use you are going to give it. If you are looking for a type of coffee maker for home use, you will need a smaller size, since the people who live at home and the amount of coffee they drink per day are taken into account.

For this, the market offers models with small capacities of 100 ml, with what you will have for two cups of coffee ; 200 ml for 4 cups; 300 ml for 6 cups; and 450 ml for 9 cups. Take this into account when choosing your model.

On the other hand, you can also find professional models, ranging from 15 liters, ideal for an office; to others that exceed 40 liters, which are the models used in restaurants, hotels and catering.

The power

compact coffee percolator These appliances can generally easily cycle with less than 1000W of power. However, it is important that you keep in mind the frequency of use that you are going to give it, since the monthly electricity cost can be high if you are going to use it constantly and the power is high.

Therefore, if you are going to use it several times a day every day, it is better that you invest in a class A energy efficient equipment, since it will allow you to save in the long term.

The material

small coffee percolator Traditional coffee brewers that are placed directly on the burner are generally made of aluminum. However, with the aim of offering equipment with a more modern design, high durability and resistance, they began to manufacture the models in stainless steel.

Today, almost all coffee percolators are made of this material, not only those that can be used on a stove or on an induction hob , but also electric models. Your system consists of a paper filter or a mesh made of aluminum or plastic. Of the rest, all parts are stainless steel or, at least, they should be for optimal quality.

The options

coffee percolator and filter In the market you will find many different models, but basically you can see that they can be divided into two groups, in terms of their heat source: the automatic model and the combined model, which will offer a slightly different process.

In the first case, they are electrical equipment that works on the basic principle of percolation. It causes the liquid to move when subjected to different temperatures. In this way, the coffee is infused as the hot water rises. However, the cycle ends when the water reaches the boiling point, and the appliance is turned off, to avoid possible problems or accidents.

Combination models are similar in design to Italian or mocha coffee makers, but with a more traditional system than the automatic models. The hot water cycle is carried out through a filter located in the middle of the equipment, between the upper and lower chamber.


large coffee percolator You will see that there is a wide variety of designs from these coffee makers on the market, so the model you choose will depend on your preferences, in addition to taking into account the size and capacity it offers.

In general, percolators for home use have a neat and elegant design, like that of an Italian coffee maker , with an ergonomically shaped handle made of cold-touch material that provides safety and comfort when serving hot coffee.

On the contrary, professional models are usually larger with a cylindrical shape. They have two handles located on each side, also ergonomic and with material cold to the touch. In this way, it can be transported from one place to another comfortably and safely. In addition, it has a tap with an easy-to-operate, non-drip “self-service” system.

The best coffee percolator promotions of the moment

If you are looking for a cheap percolator, take a look at the best promotions of the moment in the coffee market.

How much does a percolator cost?

coffee in a cup from a coffee percolator The diversity of options in terms of design, material and capacity of each percolator, makes it difficult to estimate an exact price. However, generally the ranges will depend on the amount of coffee they can produce, as is the case with industrial models, which tend to be more expensive.

An example is the Astro coffee brewer, which has a capacity of 11 liters of coffee for 100 cups and costs about 119 euros; or the high-end coffee percolator from the Hendi brand that can prepare 15 liters of coffee and costs about 165 euros.

However, on smaller machines, prices may depend more on design than capacity. For example, the Casselin brand model is capable of producing 6.8 liters and is priced at around 129 euros.

Finding the coffee percolator that meets your needs and meets your expectations is really easy. With this guide you will be successful in your purchase, since you will be able to select a quality model, with the capacity you need and that prepares a delicious coffee.

Where to buy a coffee percolator?

We recommend that you take a look at online stores such as Amazon, where you can find this accessory for coffee lovers at a good price, with fast shipping and in a variety of models. In addition, it can also be found in department stores or specialty stores.

How does a coffee percolator work?

metallic coffee percolator The percolator works by the movement that water produces when it is subjected to different temperatures and not by the pressure of water vapor that is produced in the other equipment that also serves to prepare coffee in different quantities.

Inside the percolator there is a continuous filtering cycle produced by the upward movement caused by the water when it is heated. It starts when the water located in the small lower container heats up faster than the rest.

This change in temperature causes the water to rise through a tube to the top of the equipment where it falls on the ground coffee that is in a filter. The water passes through the coffee and falls drop by drop to the rest of the water that is being heated. The cycle ends when the heat source is removed.

How to clean a coffee percolator?

If you want to continue enjoying delicious best coffee percolator, it is essential that you clean the brewer after each use, so that it continues to work properly, while ensuring its long useful life.

Read the instructions for use before cleaning, as the model may require another procedure. You can follow the following steps to be able to clean it properly:

  • Once it cools down, it takes all its parts apart and removes the debris.
  • Place them under the water tap.
  • Use a mild detergent or the one you use daily to wash the dishes, and with a soft scouring pad wash all the pieces until you remove the rest of the coffee.
  • Then submerge them again in the water to remove the detergent residue and voila, put it to dry.

For a deeper cleaning, every 15 days you can do the following:

  • Pre-remove all coffee residues.
  • Fill the percolator halfway with vinegar and the rest with cold water.
  • Turn on the equipment and let the cycle continue for 20 minutes.
  • Turn off the percolator and pour the vinegar water solution down the drain.
  • Wait for the computer to cool down and continue with the previous steps.


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