The best coffee grinder of the year

best coffee grinder

In order to enjoy the best coffee grinder for your coffee every morning, it is necessary that the beans are freshly ground. It doesn’t matter what model of coffee maker you have, if you don’t start the process with a fresh grind, the result will not be the same.

Therefore, in this article we present a comparative analysis to help you choose the best coffee grinder on the market.

What is a coffee grinder ?

The best coffee grinder is an instrument used to grind coffee beans just before preparing it. To carry out this process there are different types of grinders.

Whether you choose one or the other will also affect the final result of the coffee. In addition, you can choose the size of the ground according to your tastes. So, take a look at this comprehensive article and learn everything about this device.

The best coffee grinder

The following have been selected as the best coffee grinders of 2020. Don’t miss them!

The best value for money

200W stainless steel electric coffee grinder. It has 18 speeds so you can choose the size of the grind to your liking. The technology of its blades guarantees a more consistent thickness.

The best high-end model

Automatic grinder with aluminum housing and collects cables. This very compact model will take up very little space wherever you place it. Choose the grind size you want thanks to its variable setting.

The best cheap model

Coffee, seeds and beans grinder. Its stainless steel blades rotate at 10,000 – 15,000 rpm, so you will get your coffee ground in 15 seconds. It is made of 100% BPA-free food-grade plastic.

Comparison of the best coffee grinder

Why buy a coffee grinder?

If you are a good coffee lover, it will be clear to you: a quality flavor begins with the grind of the bean. For this, it is necessary to have a coffee grinder at home. Here are more details:

To savor freshly ground coffee

ground coffee Once coffee is ground, it begins to lose qualities rapidly. But if we decide to grind the beans at the moment, we will obtain a cup of coffee with all its character intact, a spectacular flavor and all its qualities.

In addition, coffee beans are much better preserved than ground coffee and its properties will not deteriorate, if it is stored properly.

To choose how ground you want the grains

ground coffee and beans With this instrument you will not have to lengthen the preparation process too long to enjoy the best flavor and aroma. It only takes a few seconds and the result will be worth it.

On the other hand, you may already know that the thickness of the grind will also affect the taste and texture of the coffee. In addition, the type of coffee maker comes into play here, as each one requires a different size grind. For example, espresso machines require a very fine grind; the Italians an intermediate one; the drip one intermediate or thick; and those of plunger a thick one, since they infuse the grains. Without taking into account that there are coffee machines with a grinder incorporated in the structure.

To choose the amount of grains you grind

Some of the larger capacity tools have a built-in dispenser that measures the amount of beans needed for each coffee (about 7 grams per cup). The ideal would be to grind only the beans for the coffee that is going to be consumed at any time. It is also not recommended to leave the grains in the hopper for a long time, if they are not going to be ground yet. One of the advantages of having a dispenser is that you take better advantage of the coffee beans, since otherwise it is thrown out more.

ground coffee in Italian coffee maker

best Coffee grinder on sale today

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How to choose a coffee grinder?

There are some notions that you should be clear when buying this utensil. Take note!

According to capacity

coffee grains The hopper is one of the most important parts on these instruments. This is where we will place the coffee beans before they are ground.

Whether you choose a higher or lower capacity depends on the use you are going to give it. Normally, in high-volume businesses where many coffees are prepared per day, it is interesting to have a large-capacity grinder. However, for private use, grinders usually have a capacity that ranges from 30 to 100 grams.

According to the power

Manual coffee grinders have a handle that you will have to turn yourself to move the grinding wheels and to start grinding the coffee beans. Instead, electrics have a motor that does this job for you. The power of these devices is between 100 and 300 W, they ensure a perfect grinding.

According to the options

coffee grinder with coffee Many of the electric models allow you to adjust the speed and the grind to be able to use it in different types of coffee makers.

In general, these devices are very intuitive and easy to use. While in the manual you are an active part in the grinding process, with the electric ones you will save time, if you are in a hurry in the morning.

Being electric, they have other more advanced functions, such as being able to choose the motor speed, which is very useful if you want to control the final size of the ground coffee itself, since there are several options and in each one the final coffee will have a different flavor. Others have a safety system that prevents the blades from operating if the lid is not closed. Very useful to avoid accidents in homes with small children.

According to type

antique coffee grinder If you are a coffee lover and, at the same time, a collector, you may be interested in old or vintage-style coffee grinders, such as those that were used in the past.

Although many acquire it to be part of their collection and as a decorative element, others assure that coffee continues to taste better in these traditional instruments.

As for the electrics, these will do the hard work. As they constantly apply the same degree of force and speed that we have programmed, the grind will be more homogeneous. On the other hand, we can find grinders with grinding wheels or blades. Knives are usually cheaper, but many consumers do not recommend them. On the other hand, the grinding wheels are a bit more expensive, but they grind the grains more evenly. Next, we will talk about these two types.

The different models of coffee grinder

In the market you can find different types of grinders among a wide variety. They are as follows:

Blades model

blades of a coffee grinder Devices that grind coffee with blades are cheaper. However, the drawback of this type of grinder is that the blades, when moving at high speed, transmit heat to the beans and can change their roast point.

On the other hand, the grind is not completely uniform, since some grains are chopped more times than others.

Model of grinding wheels

grinding wheels of a coffee grinder The coffee grinder with grinding wheels has two pieces, one remains static and the other is the one that rotates. It takes care of pressing and crushing the coffee beans more uniformly than that of knives. In the same way, it allows you to select exactly the thickness of the grind required for each type of coffee and coffee maker.

We can find them with flat or conical wheels, the assembly is practically the same in the two models, but due to their shape, the flat ones require the motor to rotate at a higher speed.

As for the material, they can be metal or ceramic. Ceramic grinding wheels do not heat the coffee with movement, but they are more expensive. There you must enter to assess what option you prefer.

Manual model

manual coffee grinder The most traditional appliances have a crank on the lid that operates the blades or grinding wheels when it is turned. The speed at which it is ground depends on you and the coffee beans that you have put in the container.

The disadvantage of this type of grinder is that they are not very suitable for very busy people or for grinding large quantities of coffee beans, as it could take a long time.

In the preparation of a good cup of coffee, many times the grind acquires a more important function than the type of coffee maker that we choose to prepare it. Therefore, we believe that it is important that you document yourself well before making your purchase. Read reviews and ratings from expert users to help you choose the grinder that best suits your needs.

Best Coffee Grinder Sales of the Year

Still have not decided on one model or another? If you are looking for a quality coffee grinder, in this small table you have the best sellers of October:

How much does a coffee grinder cost?

small coffee grinder The price range for this device is very wide. We can find the cheapest grinders for under € 20. As an example, we can name the Aigostar Breath model that costs around € 14, or the Bosh model that costs around € 28. They are very simple devices, perfect for home use. Plus, the cleaning process will cost you nothing.

The Moulinex MC3 manual coffee grinder costs about € 25. As we mentioned before, the grinding wheels are a bit more expensive. For example, the Krups GVX243 model costs around € 50. The industrial ones are more expensive and their price exceeds € 100, and can reach € 500, depending on the type, capacity and benefits.

How to calibrate or regulate a coffee grinder?

Before starting to use a coffee grinder with a dispenser, we must regulate the amount of coffee that is released when operating the dispenser lever. To get a perfect espresso, the necessary amount is 7 grams. For the calibration we need a weight and a container. The first thing to do is make sure the hopper and dispenser are full. Then operate the dispenser lever.

Next, weigh the amount of coffee and, as we have said, it should be around 7 or 8 grams. If it does not have that weight, the grinder will have to be calibrated. How is this achieved? Very easy. You will have to turn the dispenser regulator clockwise to lower the dose and counterclockwise to increase it.

How to clean a coffee grinder?

small manual coffee grinder These tools collect a lot of coffee grounds, so to keep it working like day one, it needs to be cleaned properly often. To clean the hopper, we will use a damp cloth without any type of product, since this can affect the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

In addition, many of the models come with a kind of built-in brush that is very useful for removing the residue that usually remains between the blades after grinding.

If it is a grinding machine, they are usually removable to make cleaning easier. We recommend doing it after each use or once a week, because the grain, when it breaks and is heated with speed, releases its oils and if they accumulate in the machine it will be more difficult to remove them later. One trick is to run the appliance with breadcrumbs or coffee beans, which help to remove any coffee or spices that have been ground in it.

Why should you grind the coffee?

here we go the best coffee grinder to grind the coffee just before putting it in the coffee maker has great advantages. In addition to being able to choose exactly how much you grind and, therefore, control the amount of caffeine you eat, you will have a tastier coffee with all its qualities intact.



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