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Top 07 Best 25 Liter Microwave in the market

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If you want to heat food in large portions, you definitely need a microwave that is spacious. With such a large market, choosing a model in such a large market can be a bit of a task. That is why in this article we will show you the best 25 liter microwave .

The products that we will show you below have the highest quality standards, in addition to having a reasonable price for any type of user. So no matter which model you choose, it will be a guaranteed purchase.

Best 25 Liter Microwaves

Also, if you want to have a more personalized purchase , at the end of the article we will explain some characteristics about these products. This way you will know how many functions a 25-liter microwave can have and choose the model that suits your needs.


⚖️ Comparison of the Best Selling 25 Liter Microwave

List of this year’s Best 25 Liter Microwaves

1. LG MH6535GIB

If you are looking for a black microwave with a modern design , this model will please you. LG MH6535GIB presents a touch panel where you can choose one of its various functions, in addition to programming the heating time by intervals.

25 liter microwave

This model has Smart Inverter technology, which can heat more uniformly . This is because it distributes the waves more efficiently, which results in the food maintaining the same temperature internally.

With a power of 1000 W , it can heat food in less time, which is ideal if you need to defrost food or prepare some recipes. In addition, having an integrated grill, you can cook various types of meat with incredible results.

Internally, it has a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned and prevents the appearance of bacteria, as well as being resistant to high temperatures. The ring that supports the turntable is hexagonal, a feature that provides more stability and safety, reducing the risk of it tipping over.

💡 Why buy this model? LG is known for offering very good quality products. Therefore, if you want to play it safe and make a great purchase , we recommend this product. In addition, having a grill, it has more functions than a conventional 25-liter microwave.


✅ Uniform  cooking and defrosting.

✅  Energy saving mode.

✅  Heats up in less time.

Built-in grill.


 Less economical than other models.

 Does not work with rotary knobs.

LG MH6535GIB Microwave Grill Smart Inverter Microwave 1000 W, Grill 900 W, Micro + Grill 1450 W, 25 liters capacity, LED display, Inner plate 292 mm, Color Black

2. Sharp R-342 (IN) W

This Sharp R-342 (IN) W microwave stands out for its multifunctionality, since they have up to 11 cooking modes , which includes a low temperature heating, the function of defrosting and cooking various types of food.

 microwave 25 liters

It works through a touch panel where you can choose the cooking mode automatically or set the timer by intervals. It features an LED screen that greatly facilitates its use, in addition to displaying the time.

This model has a safety lock that suspends the equipment, preventing children from tampering with it. It also has a button on the bottom of the panel to open the oven door, making it safer than other microwaves.

Another highlight of this model is that it has a fairly large turntable. It has a diameter of 31.5 cm , and being so spacious internally you can take out heated food more safely.

💡 Why buy this model? It is a microwave with simple features . However, it is a good option if you have children at home and you want to avoid any accident from happening. This microwave is good value for money, as the safety lock is a feature generally present in high-end models.


✅  It has 11 power levels.

✅  Large turntable.

✅  Security locking system.

✅  It has 8 cooking modes.


 It does not have as much power as other models.

 Its design is not so flashy.

Sharp R-342 (IN) W Microwave 25L, Touch Control, 900W, 900 W, 25 liters, Silver

3. Sharp Home Appliances R860S

While this Sharp microwave   is similar in design to others, it has so many extras that it is simply incomparable. Through the touch panel you can program various functions such as regulating the power, setting the timer and choosing other cooking modes .

25 liter microwave

The R860S is the best option if you are looking for a microwave with many functions. It has 24 cooking modes , allowing you to cook and prepare dishes with the push of a button.

In addition to this, we must add that this microwave incorporates a convection heating system and a grill, so you can bake your meals in the traditional way. Therefore, we are talking about an oven with multiple functions.

This sharp microwave    model does not have a turntable , an unusual feature for these products. However, this does not affect its operation, as it heats food as efficiently as any other microwave. In addition, it has a better use of space, so you can put larger dishes.

It also has a safety lock and, as you well know, it is a necessary function if you have children at home and want to prevent an accident.

💡 Why buy this model? It is the best option if you are looking for an electric oven with a built-in microwave and grill. While it is more expensive than other models, we are talking about three functions in one device, so it is a better investment than any other microwave in this price range.


✅  It is a microwave, grill and convection oven.

✅  Stainless steel interior.

✅  Easy to use touch panel.

✅  Child safety lock.


 It is more expensive than other microwaves.

 It is countertop. It is not recommended to fit this model.

Sharp Home Appliances R860S Countertop - Microwave (Countertop, Combination Microwave, 25 L, 900 W, Touch, Silver)

4. Beko MGB 25332

The beko MGB 25332 has an integrated design , that is, it works exclusively to be embedded in the wall, on a shelf or any furniture of this type. And do not think that this is a negative point, as it has a very efficient ventilation system, so that it can be boxed in without affecting its operation.

25 liter stainless steel microwave

Another of its strengths is its design. It features a fairly narrow touch panel and a rotary knob, where you can select multiple functions. In addition, it integrates an LED screen where it shows more information than other microwaves. A detail that gives this team a more modern touch.

This model also has the grill function, so you can grill and cook various types of meat and prepare many recipes. It also includes a grill specially designed for this function.

Its interior is made of stainless steel , which can withstand very high temperatures and has a special finish that prevents grease and food remains from sticking.

💡 Why buy this model? It is totally recommended if you are looking for a built-in microwave. It has the exact dimensions to be on an oven and includes instructions for its installation.


✅ Built-in  microwave.

✅  Has security lock.

✅  Modern design with large LED display.

✅  Stainless steel frame.


❌  Does not serve as a tabletop microwave.

 It does not have as many functions as other models in the same price range.

Beko MGB 25332 BG Built-in Microwave with Grill, 900 W, 25 liters, Stainless steel

5. Candy CMXG 25 GDSS

This Candy CMXG 25 GDSS microwave has a particular design, with curved shapes that make this model have a more organic aesthetic. It also differs by presenting physical cores in the control panel, something not so common today.

microwave candy 25 liters

It features a mirror-like door and a silver cover with a special finish that prevents fingerprints from being marked, so you won’t have to clean it as often.

If we talk about how it works, we must highlight that it incorporates the Simply-Fi App technology, which consists of 40 cooking modes , and thanks to the fact that it has an integrated grill, you can prepare many recipes without problem.

It also stands out for having low electricity consumption. Its ECO function makes the food heat up in 30 seconds at maximum power, this results in a good heating in a short time , as well as being a very useful function if you will use the microwave for simple tasks.

💡 Why buy this model? Due to its design, it is a device with a lot of personality, in addition to having physical buttons it can offer a better experience to certain types of users. In addition, it is ideal if you are looking for a microwave in which you can cook and is easy to use.


✅  Mirror type door.

✅  Easy to use.

✅  It has a child safety lock.

✅  Energy saving system.


 It does not have good quality finishes.

 It is not as efficient as other models.

Candy CMXG 25 GDSS Microwave with Grill and Cook in App, 25L Capacity, 40 automatic programs, 5 Levels, 34.5cm Turntable, Power 900 W / 1000 W, 25 liters, Mirror door

6. Orbegozo MIG 2520

The MIG 2520 is characterized by having a more classic design , reminiscent of models from a few decades ago.

microwave 25 liters white

Its white color contrasts with the door, which has a stainless steel handle , so it has a very clean aesthetic, ideal for offices or kitchens with a minimalist design.

Internally it has the same finish, which is very easy to clean and helps to distribute the waves evenly, resulting in the same quality of heating in less time.

It has two knobs where you can set the cooking time and regulate the power, in addition to other functions such as defrosting by weight or gratin food.

The orbegozo microwave has a power of 900 W , and added to a 1000 W grill, it is ideal for preparing all kinds of recipes. In addition, this model includes a grill so that the gratin has a more optimal result and you can put several containers at the same time.

💡 Why buy this model? Although it has a fairly sober design and a bit out of date, it is very easy to use and works just as well as other higher-end models, so it is recommended if you are looking for something functional and at an affordable price.


✅  Intuitive control panel.

✅  Easy to clean.

✅  Heat food in less time.

✅  It has a grill and grill.


 It is heavier than other models.

 Its design is a bit simple.

Orbegozo MIG2520 Microwave, 25 liters Capacity, 5 Power Levels + Grill + 3 Combi Functions, 900 W, White

7. Whirlpool MWF 421 SL

We finish this list with a microwave from the Whirlpool brand , which is well known for its durable and good quality products. This time he offers us a product with a fairly modern aesthetic .

whirlpool microwave 25 liters

It consists of several touch buttons that cover almost the entire control panel, with a simple design, so it can be used more intuitively for any type of user.

In addition, it has a rotary knob that serves as a timer, and in the middle it presents a physical button for automatic heating , ideal if you want to heat any food without complications.

Its white enamelled interior is very easy to clean, as it prevents grease from sticking . In addition, it does not work with a turntable, so you can heat several dishes at the same time without problem.

It incorporates a quartz grill , which can reach high temperatures without impairing the operation of the microwave, as well as giving a better result than a resistance grill.

💡 Why buy this model? In short, this microwave is one of the best on the list, as it works well and is quite intuitive, this of course without damaging its design.


✅  Modern design.

✅  Easy to use.

✅  It has an electronic clock.

✅  It has a child lock.


 It has a higher price than other models.

 It does not have as much power as other microwaves.

Whirlpool MWF 421 SL Countertop - Microwave (Countertop, Combination microwave, 25 L, 800 W, Buttons, Black, Silver)

👀 Factors to consider when buying a 25 liter microwave

One of the best reasons to buy a 25-liter microwave is because of its size, as it is not that large, so it fits perfectly in any type of kitchen, but it is spacious enough to heat several dishes at the same time and handle them with ease.

However, these products also stand out for other functions that, if you do not know them, you should know that they will offer you a better experience , so if you want to know more about this type of microwave, then we will talk about some of its most outstanding functions and characteristics .

If you have not decided yet, it can help you to see our article on 17-liter microwaves .

✏ Control panel

In short, it is where you can program the cooking time and microwave power.

Currently most models have touch panels or electronic buttons , which can significantly facilitate their use. However, they are technologies that can present failures if they are misused, because you must treat the equipment with care and prevent liquids from falling on the panel.

On the other hand there are the knobs or rotary knobs . They are much more intuitive for some users, as they function similar to a conventional oven.

Some 25-liter microwaves incorporate both tectologies, where the cores are used to program functions or regulate the power, while the knob serves as a timer, since it is much easier to use when setting the heating time.

✏ Manufacturing materials

We must divide this point into two sections. First of all, you should know that the outer layer of the microwave can come in metal and plastic , the latter being of lower quality, because with the passage of time the paint falls off and can be scratched easily.

That is why it is advisable to choose models made of stainless steel, since they guarantee more time of use and can be cleaned easily.

On the other hand, if we talk about the interior of the microwave, it can come with an enameled cover, which helps to distribute the waves more evenly . However, if not given proper care, it can chip and rust in various places.

Therefore, the most resistant models are those with a stainless steel interior , since this material withstands high temperatures, is easy to clean and is immune to corrosion.

✏ Power

The power of the microwave can be translated as the maximum temperature it can reach. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the more power you have, the better . Generally these products can have between 800 and 1000 watts of power.

Therefore, if you often use the defrost function or want to cook some foods, you should choose models with higher power.

✏ Cooking modes

As we mentioned earlier, in the microwave control panel you can choose different cooking modes. The more functions a model has, the better, as you can make more recipes. Some of the functions present in these teams are:

✏ Automatic recipes

They work very simply. With just the push of a button, the microwave will set the temperature and cooking time necessary to cook or prepare certain foods, whether it be pop corn, fish, baked potatoes, pizza, etc.

✏ Defrost mode

It is one of the most useful functions of these teams. Just by activating this function and waiting a few minutes, even the most frozen meat is ready to cook.

Some models have the ability to defrost the inside of the meat without cooking the surface. On the other hand, you can set the weight of the frozen food to do this function more effectively.

✏ Grill

More and more 25-liter microwaves have the ability to gratinate your meals, and this is thanks to an integrated grill that it has on top. Depending on the power of the model, it will take more or less minutes to prepare each recipe.

They also include a specially designed grill to put the food closer to the grill and that the food has a better result.

✏ Convection oven

It is a not very frequent function in these equipments, however, we must point out that some microwaves also work as electric ovens.

Although these products tend to be more expensive, it is a very good investment, since you have more ways of cooking in a single product, something ideal for small kitchens.

✏ Protection against children

It is a very important function if you have children at home. This system blocks its operation, so that the little ones cannot tamper with it. With this function you will avoid many accidents and protect your family.

✏ Energy efficiency

Another characteristic of 25-liter microwaves is their electrical consumption, since, depending on the model, this section may vary.

There are models that have special functions that make it more efficient than other microwaves. It basically consists of heating the food to the maximum temperature in the shortest possible time , giving the same result as other models.

Other microwaves go into a sleep state when not in use, trying to consume as little electrical energy as possible.

Also, it may draw your attention to see our article on the best electric ovens .

❓ Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

🔌Do all 25-liter microwaves have a child lock?

No. That is why if you want a microwave with this function, you should read the product specifications well.

🔌Do all microwaves heat to the same temperature?

No. This varies depending on the power.

🔌Can all microwaves cook?

This will depend on the model, specifically on the functions it has and the maximum power of the equipment.


Before buying one of the best small microwaves , it is best that you take into account what use you will give it, and thus choose the model that best suits your needs .

Don’t buy a microwave just because it’s prettier . Remember to read the characteristics of each model well and choose the one that works best and that suits your budget.


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